What’s It With Mobile Networks – The Multiple Gs

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There is a lot of talk about 3G and 4G lately. Some vendors are using 3G and others 4G. You know! Times have changed. The only Gs many folks knew, prior to the 1980s, was in terms of dollars. “I gave him 4Gs.” “It will cost you big.” “How big?” “4Gs.”

That of course meant $4,000. Now when folks [read vendors] say 3G or 4G, that does not necessarily mean dollars only or may be that’s precisely what it means to them.

Vendors like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and others still see and probably mean dollars when they use these terms. They see big bucks in 4G now. They use the term as 4G and not 4Gs. It means millions and billions more than 4Gs to these vendors.

It’s just that consumers terminology no longer use them for thousands alone. Vendors mean one thing and the consumers…Well they don’t count.

Who gives a damn how consumers mean by these terms and how they use them as long as vendors make thousands and probably millions of Gs from multiple G networks?

I like watching movies showing organized crime like The Godfather. One of the 10 best on American Film Institute (AFI) list every year since it came out in 1972.

Folks in the movie talk a lot about Gs – 50Gs, 100Gs. English not being my first language, when I first heard the term, I asked a friend: “What the f*** are they talking about?”

When I knew what it meant, I liked it even though I never saw anything like 4Gs in real life. I am one of those guys money stays away from – the worst enemy it can find on the face of earth. Well maybe one of the worst enemies.

These days, however, when someone mentions “I am using 3G or 4G,” that can mean only one thing – a mobile network, a network that seems to move when you move. A network of cells. Whatever that means. To Agatha Christie, little gray cells meant your brain. To mobile world, it means cellular network of cells. Hence the name cellphone, I guess.

Anyway Gs and just G have different meaning to different folks. One stands for thousand and the other for generation. 3G is Third Generation, 4G is Fourth Generation and so on.

But generation here does not mean human generation which can be around 50 years or more.

In technology, generation can sometimes last no more than 1 or 2 years. Technology ages a lot faster than humans. We all know that unless some folks are living under a rock like those guys in one of the TV commercials.

As I mentioned above, many folks have turned G into Gs and a lot more than the folks in The Godfather movie talked about. 3G and 4G are worth million times more than 3Gs and 4Gs.

Vendors would have you believe through their advertisements that 4G is better than 3G. How can I tell? What difference does it make to me?

Like so many consumers, I ain’t smart enough to know about the details and the nitty gritty of technology. All I want to know is how best I can use it. However, I can tell the difference between 3Gs and 4Gs but not between 3G and 4G.

What has this Discussion got to do with Doable Finance?

If you are smart and lucky with ideas, you can surely make money off of 3G and 4G mobile networks.

You can develop applications (apps) for smartphones that use 3G and 4G. Well, 3G will be getting out of fashion pretty soon but is still used by many vendors.

It’s hard to keep track of technology. So you may better concentrate on 4G and above.

I wish I was that smart but I am not. My understanding of this kind of technology is how best I can use it. And that should be good enough for me. I will be 63 in April.

My embarrassment comes to the forefront when I see a fifteen or even a ten year old using 3G and 4G better than I ever could. They probably understand the terminology a lot better than I or me?

It would be nice to make 3Gs a month from 3G and better yet 4Gs from 4G. I bet all vendors make hundreds and probably thousands of Gs a day from these multiple G networks.

In a Nutshell
The only Gs we have to know about is how to convert G into Gs. Many consumers have businesses around 3G and 4G and they have converted these G networks into thousands of Gs for themselves.

I say thousands of Gs because millions of Gs would be way beyond my comprehension.

Have an idea, put it into practice and you would be off to earning millions of Gs. OOps! I mean hundreds and perhaps thousands of Gs.

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