What’s It With Net Neutrality – A Naive Look

Tuesday, September 21, 2010, 5:07 AM | 16 Comments

The who is who of today are widely spread on the Internet landscape. They were born and raised in an open environment, better known as net neutrality. They flourished and got their nourishment from the technological expansion that has been going on seemingly forever or at least since the beginning of the World Wide Web as we know it today. It’s open, expansive and democratic to say the least.

This debate of net (non-) neutrality has been pushed down the throat of the consumers who may or may not be aware of its consequences down the road. Every one of us ordinary folks in turn got benefited from the openness and the readily available and easily accessible of the huge amount of data, both public and private.

The who is who barely were known ten years ago. Many of them had not even started on their journey in the vast openness of the WWW landscape. Quite of a few of them didn’t understand their market very well and before they knew it their businesses followed the sunset and were forced to set in the orange-colored horizon and disappear in the darkness of the night, never to be heard from again.

Quite a few others took advantage of the openness and the vastness of the Internet and became bigger and better on almost daily basis. Today they include the likes of Google, YouTube, Skype, Facebook and a few others. Over the years, each has encouraged technological innovation, provided tremendous benefits to consumers, and in a sense expanded freedom of speech and democracy all over the world.

Preserving this net neutrality means ensuring that all applications, big or small, offered over the Internet are entitled to have the same status. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) must not be able to block or make access slow to YouTube (owned by Google) but speed up the delivery of movies from Hulu (owned supposedly by a consortium.)

Google and other big shots have succeeded and have grown tremendously because the ISP’s of the world can’t decide who[m] you call or how and where you share your views online.

In a non-neutral world, each of us will be isolated. There will be no “Go west, young man!” kind of embarking on a big journey in the openness of this beautiful World Wide Web of ours. That sinking feeling could be coming to a computer near you. And it would be bad for innovation, bad for consumers, and bad for democracy.

In a Nutshell
If we allow ISPs to make choices for us, existing applications could be impaired, and new and innovative applications could be killed before they ever make it to market.

O! Internet users of the world. Rise up and express your opinion. Before they shove the thorny non-neutrality down your throat, why not get even and shove the Internet neutrality down their throat.

With non-neutrality on the Internet, we will all suffocate. However, with neutrality, not only the big guy but the small guy as well will breathe the fresh air of the WWW of today and tomorrow.

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