What’s It With Wildlife – Dying By The Thousands

Monday, June 14, 2010, 4:30 AM | 1 Comment

One of the worst man-made disasters is the current black oil on the surface of water in the Gulf of Mexico near the southern shores of the United States, Louisiana in particular. Human loss of lives at the time of the explosion and the continuing loss of wildlife to this day, with no end in sight, has to be devastating to the minds of the responsible authorities – private and government both. They probably have lost sleep over it or have they?

Granted accidents do happen, but the wildlife had nothing to do with this disaster. Why should they die by the thousands? Before a natural disaster occurs, it has been noted that the wildlife including pets of all kinds seem to know beforehand that something devastating is going to happen. It’s probably set in their DNA [Can’t be Changed, Can’t be Blamed.] They become restless and try, if they can, to take shelter, or move out from the area.

Humans and Nature both are unpredictable. We have tried, sometimes successfully and other times not so successfully, to safeguard our life and our property from natural disasters by any means we possibly can. Life in general and our doings on earth in particular have gone to astronomical proportion in their complexity. Man-made disasters of any magnitude seem to have gone beyond our control.

BP says “Every tomorrow is a day I never plan”

We have been led to believe that the U.S. authorities looked the other way when BP got immunity of some sort for their future and potential disaster occurrences. BP, then, felt free to do things out of the ordinary and skip inspection of any kind of their oil rig installation and maintenance in the Gulf. They decided “Every tomorrow is a day I never plan.”

Pounding with raw sludge hammer

The President is pounding BP’s head with raw sludge hammer – Oops! I meant to say sledgehammer – in interview after interview. He said once if BP CEO Tony Hayward was working for him, he would have fired him by now. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, on the other hand, don’t appear to believe Tony Hayward is untrustworthy or worth shoving overboard.

It seems that…

  • The president is trying to salvage a political situation that has gotten out of control.
  • Mayor Bloomberg and Admiral Allen are trying to salvage a business situation that has gotten out of control.
  • And volunteers and some organizations are trying to salvage a wildlife situation that has gotten out of control. [We salute you.]

In a Nutshell
By nature, Humans bicker a lot. Men and women nag a lot. The blaming industry has flourished among us humans in all directions. We must stop pointing finger at others. We must solve the current technical problem that has failed humans so far. There is no way we can see the further devastation that wildlife has kept encountered the last so many days. Let’s hope we can put a stop to their further sufferings of this magnitude. Here are some Scenes from the Gulf of Mexico

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