What’s It Worth to You? How to Make Money with Your Old Junk

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If you’re ready to clean out all the junk in your house, you may as well try to make some money from the things you no longer want.

While some items may seem useless to you, other may be willing to pay quite a bit for them.

Rather than throwing old possessions out indiscriminately, sort through your home from top to bottom to find seemingly useless clutter that other people are willing to buy.

What’s It Worth to You? How to Make Money with Your Old Junk

  • Attic

    If your attic is similar to others, chances are you have a sizable collection of things you have stored for years without using them. Books, toys, music albums, old furniture, and discarded décor items all have the potential to attract buyers who are looking for the very things you want to get rid of. Browse online websites like eBay or Craig’s List for buyers, or post your own ad. When you post an ad, use pictures and accurate descriptions to attract interested customers.

  • Closets

    Many closets overflow with unworn clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories. You might also find some older curtains, bed linens, and table runners that are no longer interest you. Weather permitting, have a yard sale that will bring in neighbors and buyers looking for a good deal on household wares. Young adults heading off to college, setting up their first home, or resettling after military service often love getting good deals on household basics. Alert your social media followers and post a community newsletter ad to let everyone know about your sale, along with some of the items you will be offering.

  • Garage

    The garage tends to be where we store things then forget about them for years. Cleaning out the garage can be a difficult task, but you have a very good change of unearthing valuables that can be sold for easy money. Your garage may also have equipment like lawn mowers, snow blowers, drills, saws, and rakes that people are often looking for at low cost.

    Your garage may also have one of the most valuable things you can sell: old junk cars. If you have a junk car sitting, either because you never got around to selling it or fixing it up, it can be worth a lot of cash. Even if it looks completely unusable, some companies will give you money for your junk car. These buyers may fix up the car to resell, but more likely, they’ll sell the valuable parts of the car individually.

  • Basement

    Basements are often used as a home office, extra bedroom, family recreation area, storage area, or a combination of all of them. Because of this, you may likely have older items like a file cabinet, desk, bedside table or bedframe, and unused video games and movies that buyers are looking for. Extra floor tiles, tools, and shelving are also frequently items of interest to local shoppers. Organize a list or ad of the things you want to sell and get the word out.

Almost any area of your home could be hiding forgotten treasures that others are looking to buy. Do a quick inventory and start marketing your unwanted items to open up space in your home while making a little extra money.

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