When Do You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney?

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If anyone you know has gone through legal issues, you might be wondering if they should hire a criminal defense attorney.

There are numerous things you need to keep in mind and the main concern is the cost.

The professional services of an attorney can be quite high and this is a legitimate concern to have.

However, hiring a criminal defense attorney at an early stage in the case will result in fewer expenses in the long term.

  • Who is a criminal defense attorney?

    A criminal defense attorney is a professional who will help you through a legal issue and will defend you whenever necessary. The legal system is very tricky and it might be difficult for you to understand the laws when in trouble. This is why it is important to have a professional who can guide you through the issue.

    Based on the legal problem, the consequences can be worse than being down in a couple of thousand dollars if you decide to handle it yourself.

  • When should you look for a criminal defense attorney?

    It is ideal to have an attorney right from the minute you get arrested. It might not sound practical but you need to try to speak to the attorney as soon as you can after you are released after the arrest.

    Legal experts at the Belen Law Firm say that because criminal arrests often don’t occur during normal office hours, it is important to have access to a criminal defense attorney at any time and on any day of the week. This is true in case of a very serious criminal allegation.

    In general cases, you will be free and you will be given a date on which the arraignment will take place. The arraignment is basically a hearing where you will hear the charges against you and you will be given a chance to prove your innocence.

    After the arraignment, you will be given a chance to meet with the prosecutor. It is just one reason why you need to have a counsel available to you at an early stage. This is one meeting that you do not want to handle all by yourself.

    When you hire a criminal lawyer and speak to him before the arraignment, you will have knowledge of the charges that are being brought against you before you get into the courtroom. You will be able to understand the different types of punishments you will face if you were found guilty. It will also give you a chance to consider the benefits and drawbacks of fighting the charge as against seeking a plea bargain.

When you fight a charge, you will go through an emotional process and you need personal support from someone who knows the way around a legal system. Just having a professional by your side will make each step easier and less grueling for you and your family because the case can be a time-consuming journey.

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