Who will dominate the growing online shopping landscape?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009, 8:01 AM | Leave Comment

It seems that the biggest online stores are heavily competing against one another on price and shipping & handling cost. Case in point: Wal-Mart and Amazon. The battle for your wallet began last month over the prices of popular new books and DVDs. It has since spread to select video game consoles ($199 for the Xbox 360 with a $100 gift card. That means net price is $99), mobile phones and even toys like Hasbro’s Easy-Bake Oven ($18 at Wal-Mart and $18 at Amazon as of Wednesday). The price war is part of the retailers’ battle over which one will dominate the growing online shopping landscape of the future.

To ease the pain of finding a better price is, again, to use the online services that some websites provide. For example, PriceGrabber.com, Yahoo Shopping, bizrate, Shopping.com and NexTag are some the better sites that you can use for comparing prices.

Keep in mind that Comparison shopping sites don’t always contain the exact amounts of add-ons like taxes and shipping, and each site has its own formula for determining the best price. Once you find the price, run it through the respective merchandise website and confirm the price along with shipping and handling charges.

In a Nutshell
If you have to use credit card or for that matter cash or personal check, use it frugally and shop wisely. Shop what you need and then stop.

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