Why Buying A Car Out-Of-State May Actually Be Cheaper

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Should you bring your car when you move? Is it always best to buy a car locally? The automatic assumption is usually “Yes,” but that’s not always the best answer.

Sometimes it’s actually cheaper to buy a car out-of-state.

Why Buying A Car Out-Of-State May Actually Be Cheaper

  • Moving With A Clunker

    Driving an unreliable car to a new home out-of-state can become an expensive mistake. If it breaks down on the road, you’re at the mercy of an unknown mechanic.

    Waiting on repairs will cost you valuable time and extra hotel and meal expenses in addition to the repair cost. Selling the car before you leave and buying in your new location can be the cheapest way out.

    Add up all the costs related to keeping your old car before making an automatic decision to bring it with you.

  • Buy The Car Of Your Dreams

    The biggest advantage to buying an out-of-state car is finding the car of your dreams. Thanks to the internet, the world is your marketplace. This is especially true if searching for a special classic or rare model.

    Buying a car located south of the Snow Belt offers the likelihood of finding a car without rust caused by salt.

    You may also find great dealer incentives not available locally and save big bucks, but be sure you qualify for those incentives.

    When you’ve found your car, discuss transportation options with an expert such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.

  • Sales Tax, Registration, Emissions, And Car History

    Sales Tax: Sales tax is paid in the state where the car is registered, not where it’s purchased.

    Registration: Check specific state requirements online before showing up at the DMV. You’ll usually need: proof car was inspected and odometer reading, insurance, title, new registration and proof fees/taxes were paid.

    Emissions: California and the other CARB states have stringent emission requirements. Check the owner’s manual for location. A car meeting California emission standards will be acceptable in all states.

    Car History and Inspections: Always check the car’s history. Look for evidence of past accidents and flood damage. Even if you’re buying a new or certified used car, have it inspected by an outside mechanic.

Bargain shoppers or those looking for a special car can save a lot by shopping out-of-state. Your current car may not be worth taking to a new location. It takes a little more work to buy a car out-of-state, but it can really pay off.

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