Why Choose to Reside in Florida?

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When you think about Florida, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Yes, there is some insanity – take the cannibal attack in Miami of 2012 for starters.

Or Governor Rick Scott’s stance against Obamacare, which has left over three quarters of a million individuals on low income without health insurance.

That said and done, there still remains numerous reasons to live in the Sunshine State.

Here are arguably the top nine, depending on your viewpoint.

  1. Florida’s weather

    What is considered a warm day in New York, is regarded as a “norm” day in Florida.

    The northern parts will be spending the coming winter dealing with the Polar Vortex, while many folks in Florida will be hanging out in temperatures that range from the mid-60s to the high 70s. And that’s in the wintertime.

  2. Miami was founded by a woman

    Julia Tuttle, back in 1875, first arrived in what was to become Miami, with her father. Being of independent mind, she snapped up hundreds of acres land for sale, and after convincing multi-millionaire Henry M. Flagler about the areas’ potential, he extended his east coast railroad to the area.

    She, Tuttle, fully believed that the region had excellent potential as a great city which would serve as a center for trade between the U.S. and South America. As it happens, she was quite right.

  3. Perfect locale for a weekend vacation

    It’s a big state. So big in fact that it takes a four-hour drive from Orlando’s Disney World to get to Miami Beach, and yet this merely traverses a small section of the state.

    What’s more, the rich and diverse culture in Florida offer a unique opportunity to go for a few hours’ drive and you’ll feel like you’re now in an entirely different country.

  4. Hidden springs

    Florida’s natural springs are truly breathtaking. In all, there are nearly 900 freshwater springs in the state, and they range from little ones that emit a little trickle of water, to the huge ones like Silver Springs, which is the largest of them all – at least in Florida.

    Silver Springs gushes out more than 550 million gallons of water each day. And as you venture into one of these springs, it’s like venturing into a totally new world, as it gives you the opportunity to swim in an underground cave.

    What’s more, the average temperature of the water year-round is 70-75 degrees.

  5. Cape Canaveral

    Once America had made the decision to launch its space program, the perfect location for it was Cape Canaveral in central Florida, given its proximity to the Equator.

    In 1962, NASA began to build the Kennedy Space Center, and ever since, it’s been home to the Apollo space program in addition to the location for many shuttle launches.

    Although the space shuttle program was concluded in 2011, Cape Canaveral still witnesses rocket launches, regardless the fact that no one is in them.

  6. Miami Heat

    In 2012 and 2014, Miami Heat won the NBA championships back-to-back, and of course, a lot of the accolade for such an achievement must go to one man – Lebron James, who remains, arguably so, one of the top NBA players to date.

  7. The Orlando amusement parks

    If you like amusement parks then you’ll love Orlando. The amusement parks in Orlando cater to almost every interest.

    There’s LEGOLAND, Islands of Adventure, Holy Land Experience (the living biblical museum which casts you back 2,000 years in time and takes you 7,000 miles distant to the world of Bible), and there’s also SeaWorld.

    Anything missing? Yes, Disney World, no doubt the leviathan of theme parks, which comes with four amusement parks, a couple of water parks, a boardwalk, a downtown area, and a “Sports Complex.”

  8. Cigar City Brewery

    The amazing brewery in Tampa conjures up the extremely popular Jai Alai IPA. And if you haven’t tried it, together with many other delights that the brewery produces, then you’re definitely missing out, big time!

  9. Oranges

    Orange juice being the state beverage, then it’s surely fitting that oranges are the state fruit.

    This sumptuous fruit makes up a vast part of Florida’s economy, and the state caters to most of the country’s demand for orange production.

    Back in 2012, 70 percent of the oranges that were consumed in the country came from Florida. And given that the U.S.’s orange consumption on a per-person basis is higher than any other fruit, that’s mighty important.

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