Why Escape Rooms Offer a New Take on Corporate Team Building

Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 6:00 PM | Leave Comment

For a company, team building is one of the most important things. It ensures efficiency and promotes smooth social relations.

In the past, many corporations have used different team building activities to bring together their employees and other stakeholders. A new era of team building is dawning – that of escape room games. Escape room games provide team members with an opportunity to dig deep into their problem solving abilities.

Escape rooms remain some of the best places to go with your colleagues for Sacramento team building activities. They help you escape from the normal, boring team building ventures many companies offers to their employees. Instead, it brings in a new face of team building. Essentially, engaging in escape room games as a team comes with several benefits.

  • Appreciates individual contribution

    To solve the puzzles associated with escape room games, each person is required to play a part. In most cases, everyone has an area to explore, prompting them to bring their skills on-board.

    In the end, others get to respect and actually appreciate individual contribution. For workers to foster effective teamwork back at the office, they all need to respect individual contributions and recognise that they need one another.

  • Encourage positive pressure

    At work, there are times when strict deadlines have to be met. Only the fittest can handle that pressure.

    Escape room games put the team in a situation where they have to exit the room in an hour or so. The resulting pressure will push each team member to contribute in order to get out of the room.

  • Enable people to explore various communication styles

    When in the escape room, it is necessary to communicate in different styles to pass critical information.

    Certain styles of communication developed during such team building activities can be very important in the organisation, especially during meetings and presentations.

    With better communication and interactions between employees in an organisation, the corporation can only move in one direction; that is forward.

  • Promote listening skills amongst workers

    For successful escape from the room, the participants have to communicate effectively. There is need to listen to different views and exercise various opinions. This can only succeed when everyone is ready and willing to listen to the other party.

    For employees that have issues listening to one another, escape room games provide them with an opportunity to explore this critical skill. Even those who have not talked in a while can walk out of the room sharing ideas.

  • Foster creativity and problem-solving skills

    Besides physical bonding, this is the other very important contribution of escape room games.

    The abilities of employees to deal with urgent and critical issues that pop up on weekdays will be tested in escape rooms.

    Since there is need to find quick solutions to a glaring problem, they will go out of their way to bring fresh ideas.

In the end, escape room games enable you to succeed in challenging your team and helping them break from old thinking patterns even as they embrace vibrant problem solving skills.

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