Why I Changed My Domain Name

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Changing domain name with one keyword about the subject of your blog can make a positive difference to your online presence. I have read quite a few blogs stating that a domain name does not make a big difference in attracting customers and search engines to index your pages.

Eventually the search engines would recognize what your blog is all about when they start indexing. However, a domain with a keyword in its name – for the subject matter of your blog – is a lot easier for visitors to remember.

Changing Domain Name

  • Not everyone can be John Chow…

    One of the more successful blogs belongs to a domain name johnchow.com. John has established his domain as his trademark. Visitors and search engines presently have no problems with John’s domain.

    John’s motto, if you will, says “The Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Dot Com Mogul.” So he has opened himself to a wide variety of subjects and that he can write about anything his heart desires.

  • Whereas…

    My articles are based on the fact that you can lead a financially fulfilling life even when you use credit cards. However, you have to change your financial lifestyle. You have to change your mindset from spending more than you make to spending less than you make.

    This is doable only when you change your spending habits that have been passed to you through many generations. I am an immigrant. I migrated to the U.S. in the seventies as I have mentioned this more than once in previous posts.

    Back in the old country, probably more than 98% of the transactions are done in cash. So if you have cash on you to buy something that you need, you buy it. No credit, no debt, no nothing.

  • Living with credit cards by using them sensibly…

    I have developed the same mentality as most in third world countries that you should not “stretch your legs beyond the length of the sheet” lest you get cold feet because of the debt burden that for many has led to bankruptcy.

    So whether I use credit cards or pay for something in cash should not make a difference to me. I use credit cards a lot but I use them as cash.

    In other words, I pay the bill by the due date in full. That way I get a loan free of interest charge for about three weeks. What a country and what a system!

    Using credit cards and not getting into debt, at least not heavily, is by all means doable. But you have to quit thinking like a typical American (or Western for that matter) in your personal finances. You have to ignore the Joneses by not following them.

  • That’s why…

    I named my domain name to doablefinance.com. It’s an add-on domain but independent of my main domain – mywebsiteworkout.com which is a static website about “How to create your first website.” For my blog, I had created a sub-domain – http://mywebsiteworkout.com/personal-finances/.

    When migration to the new domain was completed, I redirected all my posts (more than 700) to posts in the new domain using the 301 directive. For that I used Redirection plug-in instead of adding pages to .htaccess file. Using the plug-in made it a lot easier and quicker.

    You have to get the free spending ways out of your systems. Something for the very beautiful Miley Cyrus to be set in her DNA does not necessarily apply to your personal finance. It’s not in your DNA to spend more than you make. You can adjust your financial DNA with a little change in your attitude about money especially credit cards.

  • One thing I noticed…

    With my old sub-domain, because my main domain has workout keyword in it, in preview, Google AdSense will send me ads for workout. Even when I published the post, it would take a few moments extra that I would see ads following the keywords in my article.

    Now with doablefinance.com, because finance is the keyword for my blog, the AdSense ads follow the article almost instantaneously even in preview.

In a Nutshell
If you are not John Chow, a keyword in the domain name could make a difference not only for AdSense but for the visitors as well.

Just by looking at the domain name, they can get some idea what the blog should be about. So my own experience tells me that choosing a good domain name for your blog or website is vital.

The domain name can be the cornerstone of your online brand.

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