Why is Hiring an Immigration Attorney Indispensable for all Immigration Applicants?

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Are you planning to move to the US soon? Are you already living in the US and now you want to bring your loved ones to your new home?

Just in case you are thinking about completing the application procedure on your own, we urge you to think twice.

The paperwork is extensive, and the new immigration laws leave no room for any errors. Even the smallest spelling mistake in your name, discrepancies in your credentials or incorrect filing of documents can lead to the rejection of the appeal.

Getting a professional immigration attorney will not only make the paperwork manageable, but it will also hasten up the process.

Experienced law professionals know which documents are necessary, where to pay extra attention and which papers need immediate filing at which office.

Moreover, they can help you verify your address proof, job description and office location, and assist you with your visa renewals.

If you have lived in Miami for the last couple of years, but you have lived at multiple addresses for some reason or another, you need to ensure that you are listing your current address in the application.

Uncommon names and last names might incur errors during the filing process if the official in charge is not careful enough.

Having a local immigration lawyer by your side will reduce the probability of such mistakes and smoothen out the process.

  • Why would anyone want an immigration lawyer?

    If you are living in Miami, and making a living by working at a local company or firm, hiring legal aid might seem like an expensive idea.

    It might seem unusually exorbitant since you have to take care of the family in another country. Or, you might be looking forward to immigrating to the state with a new permanent job, so you do not have an address or references in Miami.

    Technically, your employer should help you with securing a visa. However, some posts do not provide such aid. In such events, it is smart to appoint an immigration attorney, who knows the nooks and crannies of the immigration law to help you out.

    You might want to spend a couple of extra dollars than waste the chance at a lucrative job and a new life in the USA.

    There are times when people need lawyers because they are fighting deportation. Whether the deportation is just or unjust, you need an attorney to ensure that you find a path to permanent residency or at least an extended visa permit.

    The problem is – the US immigration laws keep changing around the year. That can get people in trouble, even if they had entered the state on the legal permit. Many foreigners face flak from the USCIS for overstaying on their visas, due to ignorance about the new validity limits.

  • What is the standard permanent residency application procedure?

    Without going into further ado, we will give you a close look at the overall PR application procedure –

    1. Are you eligible for the application? The USCIS website has clear eligibility criteria for the petition of the US permanent residency.

    2. Fill out the relevant form. Depending on what category of permit you want the paperwork will vary significantly. According to the current regulations, you need to fill the Form I-485. It is for those who wish to adjust status or file for permanent residence with the USCIS.

    3. Next comes the tricky part, getting all the pertinent documents together. Submitting the application forms will get you nowhere unless you can provide the evidence as per the list on the USCIS website. The requirements change with new rules and regulations. Always check the website for the latest updates.

    4. Next, file the form and the paperwork. You will have to pay the fee at this step. Paying does not ensure PR or status adjustment. It is a compulsory fee for every application.

    5. Once you complete the first four steps, your application will go through a strict assessment and review process.

    6. When your application goes through, you will have to appear for an interview with the USCIS official.

    7. If you manage to perform well in this interview, you will be eligible for the Green Card.

    These are the only seven steps standing between you and your permanent residency. Complete them successfully, and the green card will be all yours.

    Sadly, among these seven steps, there are umpteen chances of making mistakes that can ruin the prospect of getting a green card.

    For example – when you apply for the immigration permit of your relative, you need to submit identity proofs, copies of birth certificate, certified records of criminal charges, if any, and a plethora of other forms that prove your immigrant status.

    For immediate relatives, the applicant has to submit multiple copies of the documents on the checklist for self and the immigrant. The process might not be rocket science, but it is confusing as one.

    There are times when the applicant does not have the original documents. Immigration lawyers can help them find alternatives or get them copies from old records for the application process.

    Picking a local firm with recognition can help expedite the process. Always look at the best Immigration Attorney in Miami Fla to make the immigration process glitch-free for you and your loved ones.

  • How are the new immigration policies making the roles of immigration lawyers imperative during application?

    There have been several changes to the immigration policies by the USCIS. As of September 2018, a legal immigrant has to be extra careful about his paperwork.

    The new guidance will impact the entire petition process for Visas, extensions, Permanent Residence and US Citizenship. While 7 million people apply for PR per year, the current policy might reduce the rate of immigration by 41%.

    Till date, when applicants failed to submit pertinent documents as evidence, the USCIS offices issues Request for Evidence or RFE courtesy warnings. That gave the applicant the chance to get an explanation and apply again in a couple of days, but with the new regulations, the USCIS reserves the complete right to deny the applications without notices and explanations.

    Therefore, the applicant will have no chance to intervene. That will increase the workload since people will have to start their requests from scratch.

So, even if you were sure that you could complete the simple seven steps, now, it is time for you to consider the vital role of an immigration lawyer.

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