Why shouldn’t David Cerullo build a $4M home?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009, 12:36 AM | 3 Comments

David Cerullo, if you don’t know, is the Chairman and CEO of Inspiration Networks. USA TODAY has an article about the CEO stating that David is building a $4 million home in a gated, lakefront community in western South Carolina at the same time that the ministry has cut jobs and reset thermostats to save money in its new headquarters.

I personally don’t see anything wrong with that. If I ask for donation and I get it, let’s say, $20 million with no conditions attached to it, you think I would put it in the bank and let it rot. Are you kidding me?

David Cerullo Mansion

David Cerullo Mansion

I get free money – well I pray a lot, don’t I? and I pray for the people who give me free money.

I work hard. I pray to God, at least that’s what I tell my congregation. And I bless the money so it all becomes kosher.

If I don’t spend it by buying $1,000 suits and if my closet is not full of them and if I don’t buy 500 pairs of shoes, what good is the free money?

It’s my money. People give me free money. If I build a $4 million home with it, what’s wrong with that? I pray to God, don’t I? And the best part is they give me the money of their free will. I didn’t force anybody to give me the money. It’s a free country. And why shouldn’t they? I pray for them.

You know how hard it is to pray. It’s extremely hard. It’s so hard I sweat and I sweat a lot. It’s still better than working in a sewer. Yesterday, I saw a man coming out of the sewer. He was all dirty but he was not sweating. When I pray to God, I sweat a lot. So whose job is harder – mine or his? Of course, mine.

He works hard to put a measly $10 worth of food on the table for his family. I pray hard to put a $4 million home on the ground for my family. So whose job is harder? My job is harder, of course. I pray to God. I sweat a lot.

Moral of the story
My congregation gives me the money. So let them. One thing is for sure I am not gonna let it rot in the bank. That’s for me to spend and I am spending it by building a $4 million home with it.

O! Ye people of the world. Stop this nonsense. Wake up and smell the roses. Come to your senses. A lot of people have lost jobs. A lot of people are on welfare. A lot of people are on fixed income. Please be sensible and just say NO.

Jesus Spending Money

Read the full story “Religious broadcaster builds $4M home despite layoffs at his ministry“.

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  1. 3 Responses to “Why shouldn’t David Cerullo build a $4M home?”

  2. By Ike on Aug 13, 2009, 8:38 am | Reply

    Beautiful, as if David Cerullo or any other rotten TV preacher were talking. The line about
    “I didn’t force anybody to give me the money” is the whole problem with these TV preachers. No laws to stop the fools from sending these crooks cash. Cerullo makes me ill. His network airs their “campmeeting” EVERY DAY in the Atlanta market, every day for OVER TWO YEARS, the SAME show with Mike Murdock talking his nonsense and begging for your cash! That tells you that Cerullo, like every TV preacher, is all about one thing, money.

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