Why You May Need Social Security Disability to Help Supplement Your Finances

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Incurring a disability affects many aspects of life, but often the biggest effect is the toll that it takes on your finances.

Not only does a disability often bring on more medical bills than you may be used to, it also often prevents you from working as much as you typically work, or from working at all, dealing a double blow to your financial situation.

If you find yourself in such a situation- unable to work for over a year because of your disability- you may need to consider social security disability insurance.

  • Possible challenges in the process

    There are various reasons that people do not pursue social security disability assistance.

    Some people do not think that they are qualified, or are not sure and are worried about being turned down.

    Some are intimidated by the process of applying for social security disability.

    Yet others may have applied for disability and have been denied- possibly unfairly.

    Unfortunately because of attempted abuse of the disability system, applying for disability is a complicated process and often legitimate claims are mistaken as fraud and are denied.

  • Disability lawyers do the hard work for you

    If you think any of these situations apply to you, you would likely benefit from the assistance of a social security lawyer in navigating disability program.

    According to Chewning Legal, a group of Milwaukee social security lawyers, you need a trained and experienced attorney that will help you navigate the challenges of applying for social security disability.

    A disability lawyer can save you from having your claim denied for simple reasons such as incorrect or missing paper work, or for missing a deadline.

    Even if, like over half of other applicants, you have already had your claim denied, a disability lawyer can help you navigate the appeals process in a second shot for your claim.

    Furthermore, because social security lawyers are only paid on positive outcomes and on a percentage of the award, hiring a social security lawyer does not put your personal finances at further risk.

Dealing with a disability is already a stressful time without having to deal with the paperwork and stress of a disability claim.

Working with a social security lawyer means having someone knowledgeable and with your best interests on your side all the way, helping you navigate the many deadlines, ensuring the accuracy of the claim and answering any questions you may have regarding the disability process.

Having a disability claim denied is too big of a blow to your financial situation to be left to chance.

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