Why You Must Use Personal Checks for Making Payments?

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Most people believe that checks are not used today. Debit and credit cards have taken over the world and checks are obsolete now. This is not true.

According to a report by The Federal Trade Commission of the USA, there are about 33 billion checks that are written annually- this means that checks are very much here to stay!

  • Why do people use checks when there are plastic cards?

    The obvious question arises – if there are plastic cards, why are people or even businesses using checks to make payments or withdraw money from the bank? Financial experts say using checks does have its share of advantages.

    Firstly, checks help you stay within your spending limits. Credit and debit cards do not have limits, and often people overshoot the boundary line incurring much more expenditure. Checks always ensure that you remain within your monthly budget. The moment you are writing out a check, you will be aware of your budget and exercise restraint on frivolous spending.

  • Even businesses benefit from checks

    Yes, checks help you to make payments to your employees. There are online bank transfers that can be made however most businesses prefer to give checks to their employees for acknowledging their services. The experience of getting your paycheck in hand is unique, and no NEFT or bank transfer payments can bring in that experience every month.

    When it comes to the creation of personalized checks for your company, you can bank on reliable names like Hidden Checks to help you get unique designs for employee checks. They can be designed as per your specifications so that they are exclusive to your company only. Employees will also appreciate these personal checks as they are exclusive to the place they work.

  • Checks also help in loan payments

    Suppose, you have taken a loan and you need to make the repayment. No credit or debit card actually can give the lender his or her money back. It is here that you need to bank on personal checks. This holds true for both businesses and individuals.

    Personalized checks also are needed to make payments to staff that do miscellaneous work to your organization on a temporary basis. Say, you need to make a payment to the plumber for some pipe repairs or maybe a sweeper for cleaning your office space on the weekends thoroughly.

    Checks have duplicate check copies, and so you are able to keep track of all the payments that you make to your staff in a month. You can keep a manual record in addition to software copies. In short, personalized checks so count, and no debit or credit card can replace them!

Therefore, when it comes to payments by checks, they are still very much in vogue and not obsolete. They have their financial advantages. The good news is you can select the design of your personal check for making payments to your office staff.

There are professional companies that understand what you expect, and they will create checks with your unique design. This gives your check some personality and makes it exclusive to your company. So, get them today to make financial payments in your own signature way!

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