Why You Need to Invest in OnBoard Vehicle Weighing Systems

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To boost efficiency, many entrepreneurs are turning to the onboard vehicle weighing systems.

These systems are also being used by farmers to keep track of their yield throughout the harvesting season.

Traditionally, weighing had to be done using scales that were fixed or situated in a single site. What is more is that farmers had to weigh their harvest both in the farm and later at the storage point. This is no longer the case with the onboard weighing systems. These systems eliminate double work thus saving time.

  • How they work

    Understanding how the onboard weighing scales work will help determine if this is the best option for you.

    To start with, you need to understand that these are weighing scales that are fixed on vehicles.

    The vehicles could be normal trucks, tractor-trailers, haul trucks or just any type of vehicle. The unit is usually calibrated after it is installed.

    Considering the weighing scales are attached permanently on the vehicle, the products will be weighed as they are loaded on the vehicle. The weight data is then stored for later analysis and retrieval.

    What this means is that you don’t have to keep measuring the produce each time you want to know how much it weighed. What is more is that the onboard weighing systems are available in various forms to meet different needs and volume/quantity requirements.

  • Types of onboard weighing systems

    From reputable suppliers like www.accuonboard.com.au, you will find many types of weighing systems.

    The most popular weighing systems include the following:

    • Onboard loader scales – This is built to use with any loader.

    • Onboard skid steer scales – This can be used with skid steers.

    • Onboard grain cart scales – This is used by farmers. It is built for grain carts and are available in various weight options and designs.

    • Onboard truck scales – These are versatile systems that can be installed in a wide range of vehicles including normal trucks, haul trucks, tractor trailers and more.

  • Advantages of using onboard scales

    Although the onboard vehicle weighing systems offer many benefits, some people still use the traditional scales.

    If you are thinking of investing in the onboard weighing systems, it is good to start by understanding what these systems offer.

    The benefits include the following:

    • Accurate measurements – The unit measures the load that is on the vehicle. The technology is more accurate.

      However, for you to get the best results, it is highly recommended to purchase your systems from reputable manufacturers and suppliers.

    • Time efficient – The best thing about the onboard weighing systems is that the products are just weighed once.

      Unlike using the traditional weighing scales that weigh the weights of different trucks, the onboard scale weighs the load that is on the track. The data is then stored for future reference. You don’t have to weigh more than once.

    • Cost effective –The traditional method of weighing calls for the involvement of many people. This is no longer the case with the onboard vehicle weighing systems. With the onboard scale, everything is done from one point.

    • Versatile – With the onboard system, you can use them on various surfaces such as smooth surfaces, rough terrain and wet conditions.

An investment in an onboard vehicle weighing system makes more sense. You only need to find the best brand and shop from a reputable supplier.

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