Win the Battle Against Stress at the Workplace

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The survey of conducted by Anxiety Disorders Association of America in 2006 showed that as much as 76% of employees reports that work causes them to have daily stress and anxieties that influence their lives at least moderately.

This means that stress is definitely an integral part of having a job. However, if the stress causes health problems, issues functioning with others, problems with your family – then it is time to do something about it. But, do not wait until you get there and work on prevention of these severe situations.

    Win the Battle Against Stress at the Workplace2

  • Stop Defining Yourself by Your Failures

    Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. If you do your best, you will still make mistakes. Failure will happen from time to time, but you should not let that define you. You are not a bad worker just because you make mistakes. Do not make those mistakes a part of your self-esteem.

  • Communicate Your Thoughts and Opinions

    Stress can be a direct consequence of frustration. Some frustrations are inescapable, but others are not. You can avoid a lot of stress if you just tell people what is bothering you and what you really think about certain things. Even if nothing changes, you will definitely feel better and get that off your chest. Less frustration means less stress.

  • Rationalize the Situations that You Can

    If you feel that the situation is really bad, and you are worried about the outcomes, try to imagine the worse possible scenario. Once you do that, think it through and try to realize that there are far worse things that can happen to you. In that way, you will soothe the anxiety and that will reduce your stress.

  • Make Pleasant Surroundings

    You will definitely feel better about your job and you work if you do it in a pleasant environment. Bring a couple of personal details to your office, like photos of your loved ones, a plant, a bonsai garden or something completely different. You should not turn your office into your living room, but you can make it a nice place to work. This will diminish the negative feelings that you have toward your workspace.

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  • Meditate and Exercise

    There are many ways to exercise in your office. Just a couple of stretching exercises and a couple of minutes of meditation will make all the difference in your life. Also, eat healthily and get enough night sleep. These things will improve your overall wellbeing, give you some perspective and allow you to deal with stressful situations more efficiently.

  • Get Rid of the Self-Imposed Stress

    Work is stressful. That is a fact. However, make sure that the stressful situations that happen to you at work are real. In more cases than one, the stress that you are feeling is actually self-imposed and not based on reality.

    Therefore, if the stress is necessary, make sure that you are stressing out only if there is a real reason for such a thing.

  • Seek Help if Needed

    Stress has a lot of negative effects on your health, both physical and mental. At times, it may cause issues that lead to the anxiety disorders or even depression. It would not hurt to get psychological assessment from a professional and determine whether you need more help.

Stress can cause heart problems that include high blood pressure. In addition, you can start having frequent headaches, sleeping problems, muscles tensions or even issues with your stomach. A lot of this is work related, so make sure that you find the best way to cope with it or simply change your job.

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