Winterizing Your Car On a Budget: 5 Low Cost Ideas To Keep You Safe

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If you live in an area where the climates drop and the snow begins to fall just after Thanksgiving, you’re familiar with just how important it is to winterize your vehicle. In warmer areas that aren’t prone to snow, it’s shocking to hear that batteries can freeze over and undercarriages can rust.

Vehicle owners who live in these cold climates must make an effort to winterize their vehicle just like they winterize their homes so that the car remains in working order all year long. If you’re working with a limited budget this season, here’s a list of 5 low-cost winterization ideas.

Winterizing Your Car On a Budget- 5 Low Cost Ideas To Keep You Safe

  1. Getting Your Battery Ready for the Cold

    If your battery is corroded or lacking the water it needs, you may have difficulty starting your vehicle no matter how cold it is. When you live in freezing temperatures, the water inside the cells of the battery can freeze over unless you pour a bit of antifreeze in the cells.

    Be sure to have your battery tested for just a few dollars at an auto shop, and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing it’s holding a charge.

  2. Inspecting Your Tires for Safe Driving

    A worn tire could be the difference between staying on the road and veering off when you’re driving in the show or sleet. If you live in an area where you’ll drive over icy pavement or snow, you should invest in the best-rated tire brands for winter or all-season models.

    If you already have a top-rated model, check tire inflation, wear, and tread to ensure proper traction. When temperatures drop by 10 degrees, the standard tire loses 1 pound of pressure. As it gets colder continue to check your tire pressure.

  3. Test Your 4WD

    If you’re driving in beautiful Spring and Summer weather, chances are you aren’t going to need to switch on your four-wheel drive. In winter, when snow can leave you stuck, you’ll need this handy system. Turn 4WD on and off, and practice scenarios when you might need to use the system in the snow.

  4. Updating Your Emergency Kit

    There may come a time where you can’t control the conditions and you have to pull off of the road. In these situations, it’s very helpful to have a fully-stocked emergency kit.

    Your winter kit should include some very specific items that you may need to use throughout the season. Some of the items to pack include:

    • ice scraper
    • flash light
    • shovel
    • flares
    • tools
    • kitty litter for abrasion
    • food and water
    • gloves and blankets
    • jumper cables
  5. Get Your Car Waxed and Washed

    The salt that melts snow may make the roads safer, but that same salt can do a number on your paint job and wheel wells. By having the wheel wells thoroughly cleaned and getting your vehicle waxed, you can prevent salt from eating away at your undercarriage and paint. This keeps your car looking great.

You don’t have to spend a fortune winterizing your vehicle. If you follow these tips, make a habit of inspecting the car, and drive safely, you can enjoy the winter without any hitches. Not only are these tips money saving, they could be life saving as well.

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