Without Computer And Blog, Slim Is Fattest

Saturday, March 12, 2011, 2:00 PM | 13 Comments

Updated from last year.

Forbes magazine has done it again like it has for so many years, every year. Slim, it turns out, is the fattest among all humans in the world.

He is slim by name but fat by his pocket. Without a personal computer and a blog – he works using a notebook, how in the world did Slim do it?

When I read the news, I just wanted to bang on the keyboard, delete my blog database, tell my host service company to shove it up their a**, and go and open a convenience store and work my butt off.

That’s what Carlos father, Julian Slim Haddad, a Lebanese immigrant to Mexico, did when he came to the new world. But he missed the new world [land] of opportunity by a couple of inches.

Does Slim regret the day when his father made the move of his life? Of course not and why should he?

He, and his father before him, got down to the business of striking it rich, one peso at a time.

He created richness for himself in a developing country by shear hard work, ingenuity and good business ethics.

I am sure good luck, or in his case, the best of luck anyone can imagine and hope for, played some part in making his pockets heavier than any of us can think of.

Carlos SlimFor Carlos Slim, Mexico turned out to be the land of opportunity, not the U.S., not Spain, and not the Middle East with their oil.

Currently a not-doing-so-good huge dwelling of close to 115 million folks, how does anybody can be in a position to turn dirt into gold?

His father worked hard before him. Slim continued at that. He is 71 years old. Does not own a big palace, does not own a Porsche or other such luxury.

However, he is the richest among the 1,210 billionaires in the world this year. His Net Worth is up $20.5 billion in just one year to a total of $74 billion.

Reuters, the news agency, reports that “Slim’s enormous wealth stands starkly against his frugal lifestyle.

He has lived in the same house for about 40 years and drives an aging Mercedes Benz, although it is armored and trailed by bodyguards.

He eschews private jets, yachts and other luxuries popular among Mexico’s elite.” [The elites are living everywhere in the world, not just Mexico.]

Bill Gates is the second richest. He is heavily involved in charities and philanthropy and so is Warren Buffet – the third on the list. Salute’.

In a Nutshell
These folks should be role models of the young and old, not the Hollywood crowd with their hard-drinking and heavy drug-laden lives.

As always, there are stories that do not depict Slim in a positive way. Forbes online did not talk about any. Let’s see if I can find my name in the billionaires’ list.

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