Work Management Software…and Which One Is Right For You

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What is Work Management?

If you’ve been following the exploding industry of collaborative software platforms you’ve been hearing a lot about “Collaborative Work Management”.

For those with a project management background it may seem like many of these collaboration platforms are simple, stripped down offerings that fall way short of a true enterprise project management solution that most project managers need — and are left with generic workflow tracking features.

For myself, I was looking for a much more robust platform than what I had seen on the market, but one that was still simple to use, quick to integrate with my current business apps and easy to adopt throughout a large organization…

and I found it: “Easy Projects.”

In fact, I was so satisfied with Easy Projects as an end-to-end work management tool, that I reached out and negotiated a special offer for you, our Method123 subscribers.

So, are you looking for the same type of tool that I was? This was my criteria, when I was searching the market:

  • User friendly, yet robust, something that my team can easily adopt;

  • Simple team communication to manage messages, approvals, and files in one place;

  • A solution that would support both Lean/Kanban and Waterfall;

  • Cloud based;

  • Enterprise-grade security;

  • Dashboard to monitor and analyze projects and individual performance;

  • Portfolio Management;

  • Payroll/Billing capabilities;

  • Business Intelligence to combine project data and information from other systems we use in the company;

  • Time Tracking;

  • Resource management;

  • Budget management;

  • A vendor that can provide full implementation and help us with best practices and KPIs.

I found all of my requirements and more with Easy Projects. Of course, not every tool is right for every team. If you are in the market for just a task tracker, Easy Projects might be too powerful for you.

However, if you’re looking for an elegant, completely configurable tool for your fast growing organization or mid to large size company then this is the tool for you.

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