Workplace Woes: 4 Ways to Avoid Accidents at Work

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It isn’t uncommon to come home from work tired and stressed out after a long day dealing with people. However, you don’t want to add injury to any insults that you experience during the day.

What are some ways that you can stay safe while on the job?

Workplace Woes, 4 Ways to Avoid Accidents at Work

  1. Always Be Aware of Potential Hazards

    There are many hazards that can be avoided just by staying aware of your environment. For instance, you could avoid getting hit by a falling object by wearing a hard hat.

    If you know that the floors in the restaurant are slippery, wearing shoes with quality soles can prevent you from falling. Using proper form while on a computer or taking frequent breaks while working in humid weather can also prevent an injury.

  2. Communicate with Your Colleagues and Managers

    In some cases, it isn’t enough to simply spot a hazard. In addition to seeing the hazard, you have to be able to let others know about it before work begins. This may mean calling your boss before going into a trench or letting your colleague know that bad weather may be coming.

    Taking these steps may keep you safe while also preventing anyone else from getting hurt as well.

  3. Don’t Perform Tasks You’re Unprepared For

    If you don’t have much experience or training running a forklift, it may be better for someone else to run it instead.

    If you don’t have a lot of experience cleaning machinery or using knives, you should let someone else do those tasks. While your employer may grumble a little bit, it is easier to overcome a verbal warning as opposed to losing your hand.

  4. What Should You Do If You Are Hurt?

    In the event that you do get hurt, you should make it a point to get help immediately. This may mean going straight to the emergency room or getting first aid on the job site if it’s available.

    Once you have gotten treatment, make sure to tell your employer about the accident and file a report. From there, you should follow your doctor’s recommendations as that may make it easier to make a full recovery.

    You can also consider working with someone like Gilbert, Blaszcyk & Milburn LLP or a similar attorney to file a worker’s compensation claim.

Your health is one of your most important possessions. Therefore, you should take whatever steps are necessary to preserve it as best you can. If your employer insists that you perform tasks that are unnecessarily dangerous, it may be possible to file a report with OSHA or other agencies to protect your rights.

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