Worth the Price: Six Tricks to Paying for Dental Work Without Insurance

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With the cost of dental insurance increasing, many people are looking for more alternatives to paying for dental work at a lower cost. One thing you do not want to do, is skip services completely. Instead of paying a monthly premium for insurance, there are several ways to obtain the same services.

Dental Insurance

There are many services and techniques available to ensure that you are still able to afford dental work without a dental plan.

  1. Use Coupons or Promotions

    Many dental offices have suffered due to the poor economic state, making it easy to find more coupons or promotions through the newspaper or on the Internet. Take advantage of free cleanings and x-rays that are often offered by offices to get new clients in the door.

  2. Opt for Pay-as-you-go Dental Care

    By saving a certain amount of money each month, it’s easy to pay for cleanings or surgeries only when you need it. Calculate the average cost you’d spend for each family member to determine how much should be saved each month.

  3. Apply for Discount Dental Plans

    Discount dental plans require an upfront fee that provides access to a long list of discounted dental professionals in your local area. Out of pocket fees for cleanings and routine exams may be required throughout the year. Reduced rates are also available for cosmetic dentistry.

  4. Ask for Lower Rates

    If your dentist is aware that you’re not covered with a dental plan, you may be able to obtain lower rates simply by asking. Many dental offices are often willing to negotiate their fees and will often reduce the price by five percent with an upfront payment.

  5. Visit Dentists with Sliding-Scale Fees

    Many dentists provide sliding-scale dental plans to accommodate those with low incomes. Each state’s dental association is able to provide local dentists in your area who are willing to work around your salary.

  6. Participate in Dental Studies

    Volunteer to be a patient for universities or organizations with clinical studies that often look for individuals who are willing to undergo cleanings or treatments. The services are free and a great way to have a wisdom tooth extracted or cavities filled.

Although many people assume that they are ineligible for dental work due to a lack of insurance, there are still several ways to obtain help. With a few tricks and techniques, it’s possible to obtain proper dental care at a lower cost that you can afford.

Information credited to Michelle Jorgensen, DDS.

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