Your Credit Card Debt May Partially Be In Your Genes

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A recent study has shed some light on the credit-card debt that many folks might carry in their jeans. Oops! I mean genes. The news relates that it’s a groundbreaking finding that you carry a specific gene variant that can predict your “appetite” to rack up credit-card debt.

[Some folks do have appetite for credit-card debt.]

Gene variant is essentially the same as another, but has mutational differences. These words are from the study. I looked for the meaning and that’s the best I could find.

I personally don’t understand exactly what these terms mean and I really don’t care as long as we, as a family, live within our financial means and avoid carrying enormous debt.

We don’t carry debt except monthly mortgage which as a family we think we can manage. That must be the crust of the debt. As long as you can manage it and don’t lose sleep over it, I personally believe it might be Okay. However, we are trying to pay it off as soon as we possibly can.

  • The research…

    It seems that when the research was done, the likes of which had never been done before. What exactly does it mean? Does it mean that we carry a “debt gene”?

    And if you were to carry such a gene, does that mean you are stuck with it for the rest of your life? Some say the genes are in your butt. Does that mean the debt is in your butt? Ain’t it enough our forefathers were monkeys? Now genes in our butt? What the heck?

    Gene of the Week - Debt

    Gene of the Week – Debt

    What the heck, again – one more time? I have been writing about credit and debt for some time now, preaching to the effect that folks have to change their mindset to start saving and eventually get rid of debt.

    Does my mindset follow my genes? Does my genes follow my mindset? Does that mean my mindset follow my butt? Hey man! I got stuck. I got stuck in the swamp of mindset, genes, butt and debt.

  • A total paradigm is not farfetched…

    Maybe it has already been done but a total paradigm is needed for everyone which, like a bookshelf, will contain your genes (with credit card debt at the top), DNA, fingerprints, Social Security number, all your medical history including any visit that you may have made to a psychiatrist, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. (I am just quoting Yul Brynner in the “King and I.)

  • Almost all folks carry credit cards in their wallet…

    Men and perhaps a few women carry credit cards in wallet in the back pocket of their pants. They sit on their wallet. That means they sit on their credit cards and because many folks carry debt in their plastic cards, they sit on their debt.

    A question arises from the East. Does the debt in the plastic enters the butt of the debtor?

  • A dialogue with my 60s friend…

    My friend from the 60s went to the doctor’s the other day.

    Doctor: “When did you get these symptoms?”

    My 60s friend: “Since I can remember.”

    Doctor: “How about your parents? You think they have it too?”

    My 60s friend: “No, they don’t.”

    Doctor: “How about your grandparents? Did they have it?”

    My 60s friend: “Yah! I asked my father and he said his father had it.”

    Doctor: “That’s what I thought. You know what?”

    My 60s friend: “What? Give it to me straight, doc.”

    Doctor: “I tell you a secret. It skips one generation.”

    My friend from the 60s said to me: “When these people don’t know nothing about nothing, they blame it on genes. I am not ridiculing anybody, but man that’s what it is. It don’t mean nothing. When you got it, you got it and I’ve got it. I mean the butt, not the debt.”

In a Nutshell
What if you carry enormous debt and you have lost sleep over it, will your genes carrying debt pass on to your kids?

Going back to your own birth, did you get it from your parents? If you got it from your parents, are you going to sit on your ass doing nothing about it?

No siree! Don’t think for a moment that you are unable to do anything about it. Of course, you can. Change your genes for your kids’ sake. Don’t leave them any debt. Be a man – so to speak – even if you are a woman.

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