Your Interview Has Not Materialized In A Job Offer

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You have good education and a couple of years of experience. You have been laid off. Now you cannot get a job. Head hunters and human resources have called you to interview. You have met with a few, interview with them but so far you have not been able to land a job. That means companies like what you have on your resume.

Now a little exaggeration on your resume, these days, is pretty normal, but a lot of misleading facts do and will come out during face to face meetings.

If you are heavy on experience, maybe at least 5 years, your references should tell a lot about you at your previous place of work. The rest you have to handle yourself better during the interview.

Take a hard look at your interviewing skills. Your failure to move past the initial interview stage likely has something to do with the way you carry yourself during the meetings.

Everyone is different but there are certain things that are common to us all humans. However, we differ in how we present ourselves or the attitudes or opinions we express. If this is the case, you will want to try and figure out what you need to improve.

Because the interview is usually quite formal, we must present ourselves in a professional way. We should have direct and brief answers to questions unless asked for details.

Practice your interviewing skills

Practice your interviewing skills – what you say and how you say things – and get feedback from a friend or mentor. Still, there are certain things you can do to perform better in the interview:

  • Research the company

    Knowing as much as possible about the company can make your interview more interactive and could be just what you need to get ahead in a competitive job market.

  • Practice typical answers

    Practice answering typical interview questions so you will be prepared and comfortable during the actual interview.

  • Decide what to wear

    Plan on what you are going to wear ahead of time.

  • Have direction to the company

    Make sure you know where you are going and give yourself plenty of time so you can arrive ahead of schedule.

  • Be on time

    Never ever be late for the interview.

  • Be brief

    Be brief. Explain things in detail only when asked to. The main portion of the interview is all about you, the applicant.

  • Just be prepared

    Be prepared to answer questions about your education, skills and experience. Your resume seems to be OK. It gets you in interviews. You just have to work on your verbal presentation.

In a Nutshell
You will be asked to answer questions about yourself: your skills, applicable studies and training, past work experience, etc.

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