10 Reasons Why Projects Fail The Worst

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Various studies show that many projects either fail outright or fail to meet most of their objectives. Projects are frequently built using a strategy that almost guarantees failure.

There are a variety of reasons why projects fail. The good news is that they are often within your control.

So read on, to learn the top 10 reasons for project failure and what you can do about them.

10 Reasons Why Projects Fail

  1. Insufficient resource

    The Project Manager was given insufficient resources and budget at the start of the project. If you don’t have the level of resources or budget you need, then tell your Project Sponsor quickly.

  2. Impossible deadlines

    The deadline for the project was always impossible to achieve. The Project Manager should have told the sponsor at the start of the project and fought to have the deadline extended. You not only need to have sufficient time to deliver your project, but you also need contingency in case things take longer than expected.

  3. Poor communication

    The Project Manager fails to communicate the status of the project to the team and sponsor. So everyone thinks the project is going smoothly until the deadline is missed. You need to tell people early if its slipping. Don’t hide it. By telling people you’re running late, you give them the opportunity to help get it back on track.

  4. Lack of focus

    The team don’t really know what is expected of them, so they lack focus. They are given a job to do but not told what is required and by when. Everyone in your team should have regular goals to meet, they should have deadlines and you should be monitoring their progress at every step in the journey.

  5. Low morale

    The project team lack motivation, so nothing is delivered on time. If you want someone to deliver within a set timeframe, then you need to motivate them to do it through reward and recognition. And you need to be highly motivated yourself. Only by being healthy, relaxed and truly motivated can you inspire others to be.

  6. Sponsor support

    The Project Manager gets very little support from their sponsor. There is no-one available to help solve problems or provide further resource or money when it’s needed. If you lack sponsor support, then you need to tell your Project Sponsor about it. Be open and frank with them. Tell them what you need and by when.

  7. Scope creep

    The scope of the project keeps changing, so you never really have a fixed set of deliverables. Every time it changes, you lose time and resource, so Change Control is critical. The scope needs to be clearly defined and then a process put in place to ensure that change requests are formally approved.

  8. Lengthy timeframes

    The project timescale may simply be too long. Over time your customer’s requirements will change, so you need to break your project into smaller chunks and deliver each as a project on its own.

  9. Lack of tools

    Not having the right tools to get the job done can also be a problem. Using good quality tools such as templates, processes and a project methodology will lead to project success.

  10. Customer involvement

    Lack of customer involvement has proved fatal on many projects. You need to involve your customer throughout the project to ensure that what you are building will meet their requirements. Remember, only if your customer is truly satisfied will your project be a success.

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