4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

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How could you live without electricity at home? You need it to power the computers you use to work at home, the appliances you cook and clean with, and the entertainment devices that keep you and your family amused. It is not free, so to put more money in your pocket, here are four of the best methods for cutting your electricity bill.

4 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Electricity Bill

  1. Turn Off Devices That Aren’t in Use

    It seems fairly obvious that if you’re not using an electrical device, turning it off can save money on your electric bill. But it can still use phantom power as long as it remains plugged in.

    It’s this minute amount of energy that allows a device, such as a TV or computer, to come on instantly.

    To avoid this tiny drain, you have to unplug the device after turning if off, which can become inconvenient if you have a lot of tech.

    The easy solution is to plug all of them into a power strip with an on/off switch. Turning the switch off cuts power to the plugged-in devices and eliminates phantom power use.

  2. Replace Your Appliances

    Older appliances use far more energy than their modern counterparts. For example, today’s refrigerators are, on average, at least 70 percent more efficient than those made two decades ago.

    Because this appliance is constantly on, replacing it can save major amounts of money. When replacing appliances, look for Energy Star-rated refrigerators, washers, dryers, and dishwashers.

    The designation indicates that the appliance has superior energy efficiency. Some utilities even offer rebates if you get rid of an old appliance.

  3. Replace Your Windows

    Older aluminum or wooden windows can easily increase your electricity bill because they’re essentially holes through which heat and cold can escape.

    In addition, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, they allow heat from outside to enter. Newer vinyl PVC windows from places like Retro Teck Window offer excellent insulation.

    In addition, they’re maintenance-free with durable surfaces that resist dents, dirt, stains, and fading.

  4. Insulate

    Heat in the winter and cold in the summer can escape your rooms if your home is poorly insulated. This causes your furnace or air-conditioner to work harder to keep you comfortable.

    To find out how much and what type of insulation you need, have your home audited by a qualified home energy auditor. Adding insulation to an existing home requires professional work.

Saving money on your electrical bill can also help the environment because lower energy use means less dependence on the oil, gas, and other fuel necessary to create electricity.

Consider implementing the simplest of these, such as using a power strip, immediately. You can then work your way to more complex fixes as time and money permit.

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