4 Quick Hacks to Cut Electricity Costs Now

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Every year, it seems like the cost of living rises, even in rural areas.

As demand grows for utilities in booming parts of the country, prices start to creep up. This is especially true for electricity.

Since electricity is a necessity rather than a luxury in the modern world, consumers have to make cuts where they can.

Here are four quick hacks to cut your electricity costs now.

4 Quick Hacks to Cut Electricity Costs Now

  1. Compare Providers and Plans

    In some parts of the world, you have more than one option for electricity providers. While many areas still have regulations regarding who can sell energy, deregulated areas offer consumers freedom of choice. Different sources of energy, such as coal, the nuclear, wind, and solar are all provided by various companies.

    Living in a deregulated area means that companies have to compete for your business. Do some research or use a comparison chart by EnergyBot to determine which provider works for you. By finding the right term and right energy source, you can carve hundreds of dollars off your bill every year.

  2. Adjust Your Temperature

    Changing the temperature in your home– whether it’s through heating, water, or appliances– can have a significant impact on your bill. Start with the laundry: using cold water will save you hundreds of dollars, and most detergents are made for this scenario. Turn your dryer heat to medium rather than high for the same results at a lower cost.

    Next, look at your thermostat. If you use electric heat, this step is critical. Keep your temperature a couple of degrees lower than you prefer and wear a sweater. If you use air conditioning in the summer, keep the setting a couple of degrees higher than you prefer and hydrate. Together, these steps culminate in instant savings.

    Finally, make changes to how you cook. Having the stove on at a high setting instead of max can help make incremental changes to your electric bill. Furthermore, turning the stove or oven off a few minutes before your food is done will use residual heat to finish the job. This is also a chef secret used in many recipes to help prevent you from overcooking your food!

  3. Turn Off and Unplug

    Turn off lights and appliances that aren’t in use. While it might only cost a few dollars each month to leave the lights on when you’re at work, those costs add up over time. If you leave the room, turn off the light, or install motion sensor lighting.

    Another way to make significant cuts to your bill is to unplug appliances when not in use. Everything in your home uses residual power. Unplug your microwave, toaster, Blueray player, television, etc. This will cut back on the power these items use to remain in standby mode; you’ll see the savings on your next bill.

  4. Use Energy Star and Smart Appliances

    When Energy Star certified appliances hit the scene, they were viewed as revolutionary. It’s estimated that these appliances can save you up to 30% of your energy bill, especially if you’re replacing items that have been in your home for a long time.

    In addition to using Energy Star appliances, start replacing plugs and appliances with smart technology. This allows you to set timers to adjust your lights, heat, and even turn off the coffee pot if you’ve forgotten. When using these options together, you can take a massive chunk off your electricity bill and increase the value of your home.

By making smart, strategic changes to your consumption habits, you can drastically reduce your electricity bill. With some of these, you may also see a correlating drop in your water bill. Be conscientious of your consumption: both the environment and your bank account will thank you.

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