5 Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Home on a Tight Budget

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Ok, maybe your home isn’t the best looking on the block and you’d like the change that. The problem: you have no extra wiggle room in your budget for a major overhaul right now. Thankfully, you don’t need loads of cash to totally change the way your home looks. 

5 Affordable Ways to Beautify Your Home on a Tight Budget

  1. New front door

    There’s a good chance that your front door has seen better days, so consider upgrading it. When shopping, think about what aspects your new front door should have to best benefit your home. For instance, if your entrance tends to be too dark, then buy a door with windows.

  2. New paint

    Paint is cheap, and it will be even cheaper if you do all the work yourself. Right now, warm grays in a flat finish are very popular. They match almost everything, they don’t overpower small rooms, and they’ll still look great in years to come.

  3. Shutters

    Almost nothing gives a home pizzazz quite like custom plantation shutters. The look quite expensive, but they are much more affordable than you think. More importantly, they are much more affordable than your neighbors will think.

  4. Area rugs

    Almost nothing is better, easier, or cheaper than area rugs to spice up a room. Sure, you can go for high end options that cost an arm and a leg, but cheaper rugs get the job done just as well.

    For larger rooms, use the multiple rugs to create zones. In a hallway, on the other hand, consider using a series of small round rugs for a fun bit of whimsy.

    The rule of thumb, however, make sure that all the rugs in a single room are from the same color palette.

  5. Add light

    If you feel your home looks drab, there’s a pretty good chance that you just don’t have enough light in there. Start by adding a lamp, or two, or ten. Lamps add interest without overpowering the room, so you can go a little wild with them. For a budget option, check local thrift stores; the lamps you find there will generally have tons of character.

    If you still need more light in the room, consider buying brighter light bulbs. Go for at least 800 Lumens each.

There you have it; plenty of ways you can dramatically improve the appearance of your home without breaking the bank. Your neighbors will be jealous of how good your home looks, but your pocketbook won’t be any lighter.

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