5 Ways You Can Avoid Overspending on Clothes and Food

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Overspending is one thing we all struggle from. Shopping does make the world a better place to live but when it results in overspending and little to no saving, it’s time to pull the brakes.

It’s easy to eat out every other day or not having ‘’anything’’ to wear, but what’s easier than that is breaking the bank in the first two weeks of the month.

I’ve got few ways for you to cut down your expenses with regard to clothes and food and have a healthy relationship with your bank.

Starting from clothes, here are five ways you can avoid overspending on clothes:

5 Ways You Can Avoid Overspending on Clothes and Food

  1. Focus on Quality

    We can get away with the latest fashion trends and buy cheaper clothes to be a part of the herd. These cheap clothes are short lived which is why it is difficult to pick them up after say a wash or two.

    My advice is to go for fewer by quality products. This means that you would have to buy relatively more expensive articles which will be of good quality and would last you a lifetime. Such articles must be staples which can be paired with different tops or bottoms.

    One of the classics would be good old schooled denim. Denim is an essential and is never out of fashion. Investing in a Levis would be a great idea. They will hardly ever wear out and would go with literally every other top in your closet.

    Moreover, once you’re over the straight cut jeans, you can always DIY it and create your own customized article. This is to keep you off from shopping for jeans or shorts.

  2. Know your Fit

    One of the few reasons why you never find anything to wear is because nothing in your closet seems to fit you perfectly. This problem can easily be eliminated by knowing your size and fit.

    You can measure yourself on your own by the help of multiple YouTube videos or just ask for help at any other boutique. This way you’ll know what your fit is and so would buy accordingly without splurging on unnecessary and useless stuff.

  3. Be Realistic

    It is imperative you understand what is comfortable for you and what you will get most use of. Not every girl is like Rihanna who can rock Stilettos everywhere.

    Some girls are hesitant to wearing high heels as they don’t seem to find comfort in them. If you’re one of those, it is important you acknowledge this fact and buy those heels that look good on XYZ model. The bottom line is to know your style, your vibe and buy accordingly so that you don’t buy stuff which you cannot get full use from.

  4. Shop for What you Need , Not Sales

    Sales, sales, sales! They’re our worst enemies. Often times when you come across a sale on designer shopping bags or clothes, you tend to buy things not because you need them but because they’re on sale. To mitigate this temptation, it is better you understand what you need and always go for that.

    Also, most buyers tend to get in the sale whim to the extent that they just buy stuff for the sake of it which results in them being unhappy later as of poor fit, quality, etc. To make sure you don’t experience any of this, be patient and think twice before making a purchase to keep yourself from making any hasty decision.

  5. Keep Good Care of Your Clothes

    This is the most understandable tip which goes without saying. It is fairly important to take good care of your clothes to keep them for wearing out before their time. Follow the instructions they come with and strictly follow them to limit you from making mistakes and then regretting them later.

With clothes, comes food which takes up all of our paycheck. We tend to get influenced by these cool Instagram Models who only seem to go out and eat and take cute pictures for us to recreate.

To keep your horses tied, here are five tips that will keep you from overspending on food:

  1. Plan your Meals

    Planning your menu beforehand comes with multiple benefits. One of the benefits is that your runs to the grocery stores will minimize. You’ll know exactly what you need in a specific quantity which will not just reduce your bill but will also give you more time to prepare for the meal.

    You can plan your meals weekly or even monthly, this way you’ll only have specific number of visits to the grocery store. For greater convenience, you can also buy one of the online grocery planning services, these might be a little expensive but would save you a couple bucks here and there.

  2. Go for Convenience Food

    By convenience food, I mean food which is already half cooked or say chopped up for your comfort. These types of products might not be the healthiest options but definitely are cheaper and quick to make.

  3. Prep your Food

    Most people turn towards eating out because they’re too done for the day after work to cook something from the scratch. It is reasonable since work can be hectic sometimes especially towards the end of the year. To keep yourself from eating out, the best way is to prep your food in advance.

    There are various videos on YouTube which might come handy concerning meal prep. What you can do is, cook collectively for the week on Sundays and then divide those Day wisely and freeze them. This way, even after a long day of work, you’d just have to throw the frozen container in the microwave and you’re good to go!

    Another way to ease into cooking at home is by getting a slow cooker or a crockpot. You can use one of those while you’re at work and come back to a scrumptious meal for yourself.

  4. Have a Plan B

    It’s advisable to always have something cooked or even prepped in your freezer. This way if you don’t feel like cooking after work or do not fancy the meal which is waiting for you at home, you can always use this dish. This way there would be no excuses for you to go out and splurge on seldom a meal.

  5. Pack your Lunch

    The most difficult temptation to curb is that of lunch that too at work when all your colleagues are hitting off to a fancy diner. The best way to keep yourself from going out for lunch is by bringing in your lunch from home. This meal could be anything as simple as hummus and crackers or even the leftovers from last night. This way you’ll be saving up a bunch.

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