6 Savvy Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom in a Budget

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Remodeling a bathroom can be a pricey venture. Here are upgrades you can do on a budget that will give you the feeling of a fresh, new bathroom without depleting the college fund.

6 Savvy Tips for Remodeling Your Bathroom in a Budget

  1. Paint, Paint, Paint

    One of the most dramatic, and least expensive, updates is a fresh coat of paint. If there is old, dated wallpaper on the walls, remove it. Choose a fresh, neutral color for a spa look. You will be surprised how “new” your bathroom feels!

  2. Light it Up

    Lighting is very important, especially in the bath. Many bathrooms have the old, outdated bar lighting which is easily replaced. Opt for a new, brushed-nickel fixture, or a vintage look. Proper lighting, important for applying makeup or arranging hairstyles, is also safety issue.

  3. Reflect Your Good Taste

    Many bathrooms have large, plate-glass mirrors. A simple, yet dramatic, update is to frame the mirror. Find molding at the home improvement store and create a frame. Have it cut to size, select a paint color, and attach it to the mirror. Use wood filler to fill the corners.

  4. Make the Cabinets Look New

    Again, paint is the key. Give the cabinetry a good scrubbing, lightly sand the surface, and apply a coat of primer. Use an oil-based paint for the top coat and your cabinet will look brand new! Complete the makeover with new hardware.

  5. Update the Shower

    Older tubs with shower or stand-up showers have old, boring shower heads. Install a new shower head with hand-held function, or a trendy new rain-style showerhead. Most models are easy to replace and simply thread onto your plumbing.

    Sometimes a simple plumbing job uncovers a true plumbing problem, according to Always Plumbing & Heating. Poor water pressure may signal a broken pipe or another situation that requires an experienced plumber.

    Hiring a licensed plumber, who has the expertise and proper tools for the job, will ensure the work is done properly at a good price, preventing the plumbing problem from becoming a plumbing emergency.

  6. The Simplest Redo

    Sometimes all that is needed for a bathroom remodel are a new shower curtain, with fresh hooks and hardware, new towels, and a new rug. The old bath now has a facelift, a new color scheme, and a whole new feel. Find some accessories to complement the colors, and enjoy.

A bathroom redo can take a tired, yet serviceable, room, and make it feel like you stepped into a home decorator’s dream.

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