7 Old-Fashioned Money Saving Tricks That Still Work Today

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If it seemed like your parents always had money saved up, it’s because they followed several old fashioned money savings tips. The good news is, these tips still work today, and can still help you save a ton of money.

7 Old Fashioned Money Saving Tricks That Still Work Today

  1. Buy items used

    Anything you purchase depreciates in value the moment you buy it. Search thrift shops and sales ads for items that are used, but still serviceable, and you can save a lot of money in the end. Buying new, especially on things like cars, is a tremendous waste of value.

  2. Carpool

    Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll help the environment. If you and your neighbors all work in the same area, why not share a ride to work, alternating between each person during the week? It’s overall less gas expenditure for all involved, and might make you closer to your neighbors.

  3. Store your loose change in a jar

    People used to come home each day and empty their pockets into a jar. All loose change would go in, and once the jar was full, the money would be counted and used for a rainy day fund. This principle still works today.

  4. Balancing your checkbook and bank account

    Becoming aware of how much you have can protect you from overspending and being charged overdraft fees, such as the Higher One fees. Some banks don’t have overdraft protecting, and some fees, like , can be very hefty.

  5. Turn off the lights

    Simply turning off the lights when you leave the room can save you a lot of money on your energy bills over the course of a year. The same rule applies for taking shorter showers; lower water and energy bills are always a good thing.

  6. Start a garden

    Gardening will make you closer to nature, and several small crops are easy to maintain. These crops can provide you with food that you don’t have to buy; small items such as chives and other spices are particularly easy to grow.

  7. Don’t go out as often

    People eat out far more often in the modern age than they used to. Cut back on eating out as often and you’ll find a bit more money in your accounts.

Following these seven old fashioned tips is sure to save you money. Keep track of your expenses and save every receipt; once you sit down and go over them, you might be surprised how much money you spend unnecessarily.

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