7 Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value For Next To Nothing

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One day you might decide it’s finally time to sell your home. It would be fair to say you’d like to make as much money as possible.

If so, don’t make the mistake millions of people have made in the past by losing all the cash they’ve poured into renovations.

There are ways to renovate your home that will add value to it. You’ll get to enjoy them while knowing they’ll bump up the price when you are ready to move out.

Here is a quick list of improvements you should focus on if you don’t want to regret wasting your money:

  1. Improve The Look Of Your Garden

    Some investors say if you improve the look of your garden it can increase the value of your home by up to 20 percent.

    Potential buyers would definitely love to see a tropical paradise instead of a barren wasteland. They’ll subconsciously deem your home more valuable before they’ve walked inside. You can do all of this yourself for very little money. Don’t go too crazy in case the upkeep of the garden scares people away.

  2. Give The Bathroom A Scrub

    A lot of people who are buying homes don’t care about how you decorate each room. When they move in they’re going to make big changes anyway.

    The only thing you must do is prevent them from thinking there is something wrong with your home. It means you don’t have to make radical changes in the bathroom.

    Get down on your hands and knees until you’ve scrub every last bit of grime away. An unkempt room is usually a sign there are hidden problems the naked eye can’t see.

  3. Kitchen Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

    Traditional cosmetic surgery is taking what you already have and making it more attractive.

    The same rules apply when talking about making your kitchen more beautiful than ever before without breaking the bank.

    If there is nothing wrong with your kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to replace them. Touch them up with a fresh coat of paint, or at most replace the cabinet doors.

    Look for some wonderful new faucets too. There are lots of cheap changes you could potentially make.

  4. The Floors Should Be Fixed

    Nearly 95 percent of real estate professionals say homeowners should spend money on their floors before selling their home. That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to rip up your old flooring and replace it.

    At the very least, you’ll need to walk around making sure there is no damage anywhere. Are there any broken or squeaky floorboards? Do any of your floor tiles have chips in them? These will all need to be sorted out.

  5. Let More Light Inside

    You want your rooms to be bright and cheerful when people are walking through your home inspecting every fine detail. This can be done easily without doing anything big like installing lots of floor-to-ceiling windows.

    It could be as simple as hanging a few carefully placed mirrors inside your home.

    When the light comes through the windows and hits them everything will brighten up. As an added bonus, your rooms will magically appear bigger too.

  6. Add A Touch Of Luxury

    It doesn’t always cost you a lot of money to add a touch of luxury to your home.

    If people think your home is more luxurious, they’ll assume it’s worth more money, so include fancy little touches where possible.

    If you have a basic door handle how much do you think it would take to replace it with one you would find on a castle? Plain lighting fixtures are another example of things that can be replaced cheaply.

  7. It Needs More Curb Appeal

    This idea expands on what we talked about earlier on in regards to sending out subconscious suggestions.

    If a potential buyer pulls up to your drive and isn’t impressed by the look of your home from their car it’s going to set a precedent.

    The biggest thing you can do is give the exterior of your home a new coat of paint so it looks almost new.

    Prospective buyers will be concerned by the state of your roof, so make sure it looks respectable without replacing it.

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