7 World’s Most Expensive Watch Brands

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Everyone has heard of Rolex and Tag Heuer. For many, these watches are the epitome of luxury and class and you can’t get a better or a more expensive timepiece.

However, anyone with horological knowledge will tell you that while Rolex and Tag are upmarket brands, there are many more watch companies who are on an even higher level, including some that make Rolex look like the bargain-basement brands you find in your local market.

In this guide we’ll look at 7 such brands, showing you what you get when you have several million to your name and the desire for true luxury.

  • 7. Richard Mille

    This brand has only been in the watch business since the 1970s, a far cry from the major Swiss brands that have hundreds of years of experience behind them, but they have come a long way in that short time.

    Richard Mille famously partnered with tennis star Rafael Nadal, who wears one of their pieces. You have to be pretty special—or reckless—to wear a €700,000 watch while playing tennis, but we’re sure the Spanish ace can afford a few more if it breaks.

  • 6. Audemars Piguet

    Established in 1875, AP have created several timeless pieces and have won favor for their exceptional style and build quality. In the 1990’s their Royal Oak Offshore line found a following in the rap community and helped to elevate the brand to a new generation of watch lovers.

    These days they are one of the most sought-after brands in the world, adored by bling-loving music stars and watch experts alike.

  • 5. F. P. Journe

    With prices that range from around €25,000 to €1 million, F. P. Journe is true luxury brand. They were founded fairly recently, in 1999, but they use traditional watchmaking methods that have been employed for hundreds of years.

  • 4. Vacheron Constantin

    Vacheron Constantin are the oldest fine watchmaker in the world having been founded in 1755. One of their most famous pieces is the Kallista, which sells for around €10 million. This piece combines elements of horological excellence with fine-cut diamonds and it took over 6,000 hours to finish.

  • 3. Blancpain

    Blancpain was founded in 1735 in Switzerland and is one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. Their pieces begin at around €10,000, but they include watches like the Le Brassus, which is valued at over €300,000.

  • 2. Patek Philippe

    Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe are one of the true masters of the craft. You will need at least €20,000 to get a Patek Philippe watch, and even that will only get you a very basic model. Their better known watches cost upwards of €200,000 and some of their watches have been known to sell for more than €10 Million.

    If Rolex are the brand that the average person aspires towards, then Patek Philippe are the brand that the watch lover dreams of.

  • 1. Graff Diamonds

    Graff Diamonds are jewelers who happen to love crafting luxury watches. They have created two of the world’s most expensive pieces (the Hallucination and the Fascination, a stunning pair that would set you back a combined €80 million or so) and are always pushing the boundaries.

    Graff Diamonds also like to splash the cash on the world’s biggest diamonds, before using these headline-grabbing gems to create their pieces.

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