Big Move? 6 Expenses to Plan For In Your Budget

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If you are planning on moving in the near future, you will need to plan for a variety of related expenses. In some cases, your employer or others will be able to help you pay for some or all of these costs.

However, it is best to plan ahead of time to avoid a shock to your budget.

  1. Prepare for a Down Payment or Security Deposit

    Whether you are moving to a home or moving to a new apartment, you will need to pay a security deposit or make a down payment on the home. You may also need to account for closing costs when purchasing a property.

  2. Prepare for the Cost of Movers

    While you could enlist the help of friends and relatives, professional movers help you avoid moving that heavy dresser or awkwardly-shaped couch. They will also go with you wherever you happen to be moving regardless of how far away it may be.

  3. Prepare for Visa and Legal Fees for International Moves

    If you are leaving your country for good, you may want to meet with an immigration attorney in Los Angeles to help you fill out paperwork and ensure there are no legal surprises ahead of you. You may also need to pay fees to have your paperwork filed.

  4. Prepare for the Cost of Services and Utilities

    You may need to pay ahead of time to have the cable or other services installed in your home. Depending on what your current landlord provides, you may need to pay for heat, hot water and electricity on your own for the first time.

  5. Prepare for the Cost of Buying Items for Your Home

    Moving from a tiny apartment to a larger home may require you to buy items to fill it with. Expect to buy anything from a new couch to a lawn mower to keep the grass short all summer long. You may also need a set of tools to handle repairs or a vacuum to keep the carpets clean.

  6. Prepare for Pay a Fee if Leaving Your Current Apartment Early

    If you have to terminate your lease early, you should expect to pay a fee to get out of it. Your other option may be to have someone else take over your lease or continue to make rent payments until it expires.

Moving can be an exciting experience. However, you will need to make sure that you can afford to pay all the related expenses. Planning ahead of time will help you budget and find ways to keep costs to a minimum.

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