Choosing the Right Coffee Machines for Your Business

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Coffee machines are used to brew coffee. They come in different types and vary in size.

The most common machines need you to pour in the coffee grounds on a funnel and add cold water. They then boil the water which is directed at the funnel.

The different types of machines depend on one’s personal style and love for coffee. If you have a business where customers love different varieties of coffee, it can be difficult to choose the right machines.

So, which coffee machines do you need to choose from?

  1. Beans-to cup machines

    These machines grind coffee beans on demand. They have an in-built grinder that produces the freshest coffee. They can use ground coffee as well as any type of coffee beans you may have. They also use modern technology where coffee is poured at the push of a button.

  2. Ground coffee machines

    These machines make the best espresso. They use a wide range of ground coffee to make coffee. They are flexible and are not tied to a particular brand. Ground coffee is cheaper than coffee capsules and most customers love espressos. They also give you more control over the ingredients used. You are also allowed to control the amount of water. However, they require a lot of patience. These means that you need to make the coffee before the customers arrive.

  3. Capsule coffee machines

    If you want a mess-free and quick way of making coffee, the capsule coffee machine suits you best. These machines can keep coffee fresh for a very long period of time. These machines also tend to be very clean and convenient to use. Choosing the right coffee capsule can at times prove to be difficult or limit you to a certain brand.

  • How to buy the right coffee machine

    While buying a coffee machine, you can be a little overwhelmed or confused.

    Here are a few things you need to consider.

    • Capacity. The capacity of water one coffee machine can hold is most important. If you have a restaurant or café that is visited by lots of customers per hour, you will need a machine that has a large water holding capacity.

    • The brand. Different coffee brands have different machines of different quality. Choose a brand that will suit your business needs.

    • Color and style. Your style reflects a lot on your business. A high sense of style will attract more customers. Beautiful and unique colors are attractive to customers even from a far.

    • Ease of use. You do not want to have a machine that is too complicated or one that takes too much time to understand how it works. Machines that have buttons that customers can just press to pour coffee or that are light and easy to lift are the best.

    • Speed. A machine can be easy to use but the speed it uses to make coffee can be slow. This will also take too much time and it may disappoint customers who are in a rush.

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