Common Costs Associated with Small Car Accidents

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When you’ve been in a small car accident, you undoubtedly feel lucky. You probably didn’t suffer major injuries and your car is hopefully still in working condition, even if there is a new dent.

Still, there are some costs you might have to pay even after a small accident, and you should try to plan for them.

Common Costs Associated with Small Car Accidents

  • Repairs

    Your car may have small dents or paint chips that need to be repaired for a small amount of money, or you could decide to simply leave them be, especially if they wouldn’t be covered by insurance.

    Sometimes though, you’ll have to make repairs to make the car safer.

    For instance, slipping on ice and sliding into a curb may not seem like a big accident, but it could have bent your axle which is something you’d need to fix.

  • Medical Bills

    Hopefully you weren’t hurt in a smaller accident, but sometimes small injuries can get costly.

    Whiplash causes a lot of pain and may require painkillers or some form of physical therapy treatment.

    If you had to get stitches, time at the hospital may set you back in your wallet a bit.

  • Lost Wages

    You may face some costs in the form of lost wages if you need to miss work for a few days while you recover and don’t have vacation time, that’s money lost.

    Even if you weren’t injured enough to require time off, you may miss a few hours of work due to the accident itself, or from bringing your car in for repairs.

    If this is a big concern for you, it’s a good reason to consult with Boise personal injury attorneys to see what your options might be.

  • Insurance Hikes

    When the insurance company knows about your accident, expect your rates to go up.

    This will typically happen once the initial term is up. If you’re lucky, your rates will stay the same with your current company, but when you check rates with other companies, you’ll find they’re significantly higher due to the accident on your record.

    Fortunately, after a few more years of accident-free driving, you’ll be back to lower rates.

Small accidents can still result in big charges. Find out what you’ll have to pay, then look into whether you want to have the insurance company foot the bill or not. The right answer could be different depending on the situation.

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