Complain 4 Dollar Gas Price But Not 5 Dollar Cup Coffee

Thursday, January 20, 2011, 2:54 PM | 3 Comments

Folks who have problems with handling their personal finances complain about the rising prices at the gas stations. In my town today it was $3.10 a gallon. Experts predict gas prices might surpass the 4 dollar mark pretty soon. In the nation’s downtown areas, it may already be close to four dollars a gallon.

However, everyday many humans would gladly buy five dollar cup of coffee without blinking an eye. And that’s many times a day. I know some folks who spend more than $20 on just coffee every day.

Complain 4 Dollar Gas Price But Not 5 Dollar Cup Coffee

One of the major coffee houses in America recently raised prices to the tune of $6 a cup. That’s without the condiment that can go on top of the sud, better known as whipped cream.

  • Starbucks with truck load of sugar and cream

    Starbucks coffee may be good but I wouldn’t spend $6 for a cup. I think that’s way too high. I can make my own coffee. I prefer black. But if someone likes regular with cream and sugar, it’s easier to make it at home. If you really like Starbucks coffee, then some retail and warehouse clubs have started selling it and you can make a good cup of coffee to your liking.

  • Don’t complain about rising gas prices

    A friend of mine spends more than $15 a day, five days a week, on Starbucks coffee. He is the one who complains a lot about the rising gas prices. He and his family live about 30 miles from us. He says once a year visit is just enough especially now that gas prices have risen more than 60 cents a gallon since beginning of summer. Spending $75 a week on coffee for him is OK but filling his gas tank is hard for him to do.

Watch your expenses on every front of your daily life. Even if you can afford it, I think it’s a waste of money to spend $6 for a cup of coffee. I can cook a decent meal for two for that kind of money.

In a Nutshell
Get ready for $4 gas and your local Starbucks brew heading north of 5 or 6 bucks – all courtesy of the financial lobbyists, hedge fund traders, industry spokesmen and CFTC. The Congress created Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 1974 as an independent agency with the mandate to regulate commodity futures and option markets in the United States.

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    i know this is not exactly on topic, but i have a blog using the blogengine platform as well and i’m having issues with my comments displaying. is there a setting i am forgetting? maybe you could help me out? thank you.

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    I am not familiar with the platform you are using. I use WordPress – the Open Source platform.

  4. By Deena on Feb 15, 2011, 9:25 am | Reply

    Well the high cost of fuel is the reason for the high cost of the coffee… and other commodities who depend so much on fuel.

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