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    Please keep in mind that I might not answer your email overnight due to the lack of time I have as a blogger, internet marketer, husband and father.

  • What’s wrong with the comments below?

    If you read through the comments by folks below, you would find some who think and seemed to have commented on a certain article.

    That’s not where to make your comments on an article. To comment on a post that you like (or dislike), you should use the space provided below the article. So everyone reading through it will know what you thought about the article.

    You should not use this page to comment on a certain article. Nobody would know exactly what article you may have commented on.

    So please use the comment area for your comments on an article and use this page to contact me – the admin.

  • I took the comments section out of this page and similar pages as well

    I thank you very much for your understanding.



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