Engagement Diamond: Pawn Shop or Jeweler?

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Shopping for an engagement diamond is an education all its own. From clarity to carats, setting to sizing, your search will be best-served when you learn as much as you can about your beloved’s preferences, options in your price range, financing, and where to find the best deals.

Engagement Diamond Pawn Shop or Jeweler

  • Reasons to Consider a Pawn Shop for Your Engagement Diamond

    There are many places where you can shop for a unique stone and setting. One place that is attracting increasing numbers of buyers – both individuals and dealers – is pawn shops.

    Here are several reasons why savvy shoppers are seeking out pawn shops for great deals on diamonds.

    • You can get more diamond for your money.
    • You will find a wider selection of cuts and setting styles.
    • You can often trade in other items of value to buy down the cost of your diamond.
    • You can often haggle on the price – not an option at a jeweler!
    • You can get financing for very small loans that banks won’t even consider.
  • How Pawn Shop Shopping Works

    If this will be your first time shopping at a pawn shop – for a ring or for anything at all – here is a brief overview of what to expect. First, know that it is common to shop around.

    Because every item in stock at a pawn shop is unique, you will find different rings at one pawn shop than you will find at another. Next, check back often.

    Because pawn shops turn over inventory frequently, you might find the perfect diamond for your sweetie just by waiting a few days! Also, many pawn shops now list premier inventory online.

    You can navigate to the home page of the pawn shop and do some browsing right from home before heading down for an in-person look-see.

    Finally, don’t be shy to talk finances. Because pawn shops are in the loan as well as the retail business, they often have the ability to offer more creative financing options than a traditional jeweler.

  • Prepping Your New Ring for the “Big Question”

    Finally, some pawn shops will offer other services like sizing and polishing while others will not. You can always take your new ring to any jewelry for polishing and sizing if need be – just ask for the repairs department. Then all you need to do is pop the diamond in a pretty box and “pop the question!”

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