Finalizing Finances: How to Increase the Value of Your Home Before You Sell It

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When you’re getting ready to sell your home, it’s important that you take whatever steps you can to increase its value and get a better price for it.

Losing money on a house should be avoided at all costs, and breaking even, though better than taking a loss, is still not as good as making a bit of money.

Here are four of the best ways to increase the value of your home when you’re getting ready to put it on the market.

Finalizing Finances How to Increase the Value of Your Home Before You Sell It

  1. Get Rid of Obviously Old Decor

    One of the worst things you can do for your home’s value is to leave drastically dated decor in place.

    Shag carpets, for example, are so thoroughly out of style that they will drive down a buyer’s opinion of your property.

    The same goes for fake wooden paneling on walls, which largely went out with the 1980s.

    If you know your home’s appearance is outdated, doing some modernizing before you list it will help it sell for a higher price.

  2. Check Your Roof

    Many home buyers will pay special attention to homes with relative new roofs.

    If a home has a roof that is already 15-20 years old, buyers know that they will have to replace it sometime in the not too distant future.

    A home whose roof is only 5-10 years old, however, will be much more appealing.

    Before you sell your home, you should have a roof inspection done by a professional, such as those at Berwald Roofing Inc, to see if you need to have it replaced.

  3. Replace Worn-out Siding

    If your home’s siding is starting to show its age, you should seriously consider replacing it before you officially place your home on the market.

    Not only does the condition of siding have a great deal to do with the overall condition of your home, but worn siding will also look bad to someone seeing your home for the first time.

    If you have wooden siding, you might consider giving it a fresh coat of paint to make it look better.

  4. Optimize for Energy Efficiency

    Buyers these days place a premium on energy-efficient homes.

    If you want to ensure that your property gets the highest price it can possibly command, you should think about replacing old lighting fixtures, as well as your furnace and central air system.

    The lower the monthly electrical bills are in your home, the higher a price a buyer can reasonably justify paying for it.

These are just a few of the repairs and upgrades you can make to ensure your home fetches top dollar when you list it.

Above all, remember to think like a buyer, rather than a seller. Any upgrade you can think of that would add value and convenience to a potential buyer is worth considering.

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