First Car Freebies: How to Negotiate on Your First Sale

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Buying your first car can be both an exciting and frightening experience.

Other than a house, a car is probably the most expensive thing you’ll ever buy, and ending up with a lemon or paying too much can ruin your enjoyment of the car, as well as potentially be a financial disaster for you.

So how do you get the best deal?

Here are some ideas to get you the best price and tips for how to negotiate better.

First Car Freebies How to Negotiate on Your First Sale

  • Research Your Options

    The first step is to decide what sort of car you want.

    Reading reviews and testimonies can help you eliminate cars that are out of your budget, unreliable, or have other problems.

    It will also help you get an idea of what you might expect to pay for a car, and prevent a salesperson from later talking you into more than you can afford.

    Narrowing down your decision to a specific make and model, or even model year will ensure you know what you’re getting before you ever set foot in a dealership.

  • Shop Around

    From there, comparison shop online across multiple dealers in your area.

    Considering you’ll be paying thousands of dollars for this vehicle, it may be worth driving some distance to pick up a car for less at a distant dealer than to just pick up the one closest to you.

    Be sure to save any online prices you are quoted and print them out to confirm with the dealer later.

    Call the dealers ahead and see if you can get them to quote you a lower price, and if they do, get it in writing.

    Most dealers like Woody Sander Ford will also be willing to work in specials on parts or services as part of a deal.

  • Test it Out

    Lastly, when you go to check out the cars in person, do so with the attitude that you won’t be buying a car unless you want to.

    While it’s important to test drive the car and experience it, it’s also important to not allow the car or the salesperson to make you feel like you want the car more than you actually do.

    If possible, test drive multiple cars at multiple dealers before coming to a decision.

    Show each dealer the comparison shopping you did and see if they’re willing to match lower prices offered by their competitors.

When you finally do settle on a car, don’t rush into the decision.

Dealers will often sweeten the pot if you wait a day or two, and it is extremely rare that the car will be sold out from under you.

Dealers also tend to have end-of-the-month quotas to meet, meaning you’re most likely to get a good deal at the end of the month.

Patience and a good understanding of the true value of the car will help you ensure that you get the best deal possible.

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