Five Frugal Tips For Furnishing Your Home

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Furnishing a home without breaking the budget can be challenging. Challenges are a wonderful way to remind yourself of just how creative you can be when necessary.

Five Frugal Tips For Furnishing Your Home

The following five tips can help you with the process of furnishing your home in a frugal manner without compromising on style and individuality.

  1. Have a plan

    If you attempt to furnish your home without having a basic decorating plan in mind, you are likely to end up spending more than you had planned and ending up with furnishings that do not have the cohesiveness you need to create a beautiful decor. Sketch out the design you want for each room. It’s okay to mark a few things off along if there’s not money in the budget for them.

  2. Purchase Large Pieces First

    Buy the key furnishings for a room first. You can save a considerable amount of money by shopping discounted places such as underpriced warehouse. You can buy major furnishings such as sofas and bedroom sets at budget-friendly prices. This will give you extra money for smaller furniture pieces and decorative accessories.

  3. Free Is Good

    You may find that some of your family members or friends have some furniture stored that they are willing to give you. It never hurts to check newspapers and website for free furniture. Keep an open mind when you can get something free. Most things can be painted, re-upholstered or re-purposed in a way that makes them perfect for your home.

  4. Be Patient

    Generally, it is not absolutely necessary that you buy everything you need to furnish your home at one time. You can save a lot of money by waiting for an item to go on sale. Always check for clearance and seasonal items that you can use in your home.

  5. Be Creative

    Living frugal and shopping frugally often requires that you be creative with the items you can get at a great price. An old chest or trunk that you got free or cheap can be painted or refinished and used as a coffee table. You can use an assortment of chair styles at your dining table rather than paying the price for matching chairs.

You can furnish your home in a frugal manner if you have a plan, are willing to be flexible with the plan and aren’t afraid to accept the challenge of transforming worn or damaged bargain items into personalized treasures. Shop warehouse stores for major purchases and accent pieces.

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