Forex Offers and Bonuses – Things to Watch For

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Whether you are a beginner in trading and you have earned your first profits, or you are yet educating for the initiative, knowing what a Forex bonus is a must.

When we say special promotion, things sound like you are rewarded and nothing should be scary or risky.

However, it is important to get prepared for the bonuses in advance.

  • What Exactly Forex Bonus Is?

    Forex trading is performed in a Forex broker. In the beginning financial operations with currency pairs were performed physically – via middlemen – but today, when new technologies have conquered the world, brokers have become digital.

    Forex brokers are quite many today and to beat the completion, what they usually do is to establish the perfect facilities for trading at one hand, and to offer great bonuses, on the other.

    So a Forex bonus can be determined as a special gift from a certain broker to attract more clients and to make more of its current customers regular and loyal.

    Whether called a promotion, special offer or a bonus, this gift is settled by the broker and it is fully determined as something to be given to you as a reward you are on this particular website.

    As any other bonus, a Forex bonus is something useful, beneficial or even profitable. But there are too many types of Forex brokers to make a general statement what exactly they offer you to you as a promotion.

  • What Kinds of Forex Bonus You Can Get?

    Mainly, there are two types of classifications for a Forex bonus.

    The first one distinguish them as to the customer they are devoted to. Thus, we know Forex bonuses offers for new customers – newly registered and newcomers on the trading platform – and promotions for regular and loyal customers.

    The first group of bonuses is a more popular one. This is the group of welcome bonuses and they can be either certain sums of money – no deposit bonus (for instance, $ 40) – or measured in % (like the Forex broker classical ad “Sign in and get 50% bonus on your first deposit).

    Both are financial types of bonuses, but there are also bonuses like privileges – which are, though, among the regular customer bonuses.

    Last, but not least, there are also specific bonuses like demo account, which allows you to make trades for free to test the broker, as well as refer a friend bonus, where you are rewarded for calling a friend of yours to join the same website.

    Here, you can read more about different types of Forex offers –

  • How Does A Forex Bonus Work?

    Mainly, every bonus comes with its terms and conditions. It is essential for any trader to read them in advance before claiming for the bonus.

    At some point, no matter how weird it sounds to you right now, a bonus might be not so beneficial for a certain client.

    For example, the welcome % deposit bonus, indeed gives you money, if you invest more in the beginning of your trading experience on the page, but what about if you are a yet a beginner? At this point, it is better for you to invest less and risk less.

    The only condition for a customer to be able to take a bonus, though, is to have a registration on the page and an official account.

    There rest is up to his choice how to use the bonus. Apart from this, too high bonuses are not always signs of a good broker.

    As we have told you, some brokers just offer huge promotions to attract more customers, but their trading platforms, simply suck…Speaking of which, such cases have always shocked the audience. You can read about a certain Forex bonus scandal here.

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