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Fix it for free
Do you have a sick iPod that can’t do anything on its own? Do you have a temperamental TV that’s acting up on you? Well, you have some free help now. Before replacing it, or paying for a professional repair, check out Fix Ya first. Volunteer techies provide free fix-it advice for common breakdowns of a variety of gadgets, electronics and other products.

You can post a message or have an online chat with good folks of Fix Ya. You can also have discussion with them about a gadget that you intend to buy. They are nice enough to give you good suggestions.

Your neighborly piggy bank
Check out an online piggy bank that helps you deposit some money for something you so desperately want, something like a TV, for example and pays you interest.

At Smarty Pig, you set up a free account and decide how much money you want to save. Then each month, Smarty Pig withdraws a specified amount from your checking or savings account and deposits it in an FDIC-insured savings account where it earns interest – 3.25% annually as of last month.

Once you have hit your goal of saving money, you can choose to save it, apply it a debit card or buy a gift card for a participating store. Families and friends can add to your piggy bank, as well. I don’t know why, but the bank allows that too.

In a Nutshell
Do something, anything, to raise your saving level. Along with that, try to reduce your debt if that’s what you have at present.

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