Getting Creative: Ways to Finance For New Appliances

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The process of finding new appliances can be daunting, but trying to come up with the money to pay for those appliances can be a nightmare for some. There are some creative ways that you can pay for a new appliance whether one in your home has stopped working, or if you want to upgrade the look of your kitchen.

Getting Creative Ways to Finance For New Appliances

  • Second Hand Stores

    This is an idea if you need something in a hurry. You might not be able to find that stainless steel refrigerator with the ice maker in front, but you can usually find something inexpensive until you can afford something new.

    Make sure the item works before you take it home. While some stores let you bring back appliances within a certain amount of time, there are many stores that will not accept returns for any reason.

    You also need to have someone with you to take the appliance home because most second hand stores don’t offer delivery services.

  • The Dryer

    This is an appliance that you can save a lot of money on if you do a lot of laundry. If the new advances don’t matter, then get a dryer with the knobs.

    This will save you money in itself because the more technological the appliance is, the more money it will cost you.

    Think about how many people you wash for, and adjust the size of the dryer to this number. You might end up drying larger loads, but it is better than drying several smaller loads through the day. This is a big money saver all year long.

  • Stoves

    The stove is the hub of the kitchen in most families. It is where you cook for the family, and where you provide a comforting feeling of togetherness.

    A simple oven with burners on top is fine for the typical family. Don’t get anything fancy because the stove uses a lot of energy. When looking to save money, stay away from the stoves with the flat burners.

  • A Little Money for Protection

    Try putting back a little money each week into a jar so that you can get a new appliance. This can be your reward for not spending the money in the jar, and your family is sure to enjoy the item.

    Add protection to your new appliances with a Troy home security system. This will not only protect the appliances, but the entire home. Vivint in Laredo TX can help you find a system that is the right fit for your home, and can also be a source of value in your home.

Before splurging on an appliance that you might regret later, do your research. Look for products that are energy efficient as well as pleasing to the eye.

Keep your items simple so that you can save money that can be put toward other items in the home. Start small, and work your way up to the larger things that tend to last longer.

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