Handy Tips to Save Money When Planning for Your New Office

Monday, May 13, 2013, 1:00 AM | 2 Comments

Are you buying or planning for a new office space? Then odds are you are also looking to save and cut corner or two wherever possible! Buying or moving to a new office is essential for a growth of a business and not something that is avoidable for most business owner and usually can be a super expensive one at that.

Whether it is office space in BKC or in NYC, buying and doing up a place of business is no easy feat and entails many major and minor expenses. With everything from office supplies, office furniture, equipment and more to consider along with the actual property price or rental payments to take into consideration, many office pioneers break into a cold sweat.

We have rounded up a few ways to help you save money when planning for a new office:

  1. Consider a shared space

    Although the dream may be to buy or rent a large and spacious office space to call your own, the budget may not allow you to do exactly that. When your heart is set on a certain location or postcode but it is a little out of reach, consider renting and sharing a shared office space.

    Many business owners today opt to share a space with another company wherein there are segregated working spaces and cabins but shared public spaces like the cafeteria, wash rooms, kitchen and the like. You can even share bigger office equipment like printers, scanners and copy machines if confidentiality and security are of no issue. Sharing an office can help cut down costs significantly and you can still be based in the area desirable to you.

  2. Manage your office supplies

    Do you ever feel like the office is a black hole for tons of small office supplies like pens, paper clips, note pads, post-its, printer cartridges and other such stuff that you always seem to buy a ton of but never can seem to find? This is common in busy offices that buy tons of supplies in huge bulk quantities and leading to wastage. Over time these losses can add up big time and are an unnecessary and entirely avoidable money drain.

    When running a new office or moving base, ask yourself and assess how much of these kinds of supplies you truly need and order wisely with enough for all your needs but no so much so that it becomes superfluous and easy to throw around. Also consider purchasing your office supplies online where you often find sales and deals on larger quantities and you can do comparable price checks before purchasing.

  3. Gauge how you can save on décor

    Doing up your office décor and interior design can certainly eat up a huge chunk of your budget. It is definitely important to have a super functional, attractive and inviting space if you are the sort of set-up especially that will have clients come over.

    But if you are starting from scratch and are on a tight budget you can do without a big shot designer to help you do up the space. After careful consideration and planning look for deals on furniture and other essentials.

    It is a good idea usually to invest in good quality and expensive basic furniture and equipment you need for the long haul, but you can afford to scrimp a bit on other temporary and portable stuff like furniture in the cafeteria, lamps and the like.

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