How To Get The Best Shopping Deal Online

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Many people prefer to shop online for a good reason. There is no waiting in long lines, no dealing with crowded stores and it can be done from the comfort of your chair.

With so many options online, it’s not hard to get the best deal possible and avoid being ripped off.

Here are some helpful strategies to find the best deals while shopping online.

How To Get The Best Shopping Deal Online

  • Choose the right browser

    Your choice of browsers or devices can determine the price you pay while shopping online. Some online stores use dynamic pricing, this will result in customers seeing different prices depending on which browser they use.

    Online stores use algorithms and based on your location, the stores determine the average income and set the price according to it. Chrome or Firefox should be used for the best prices available.

    Also for example, people who shop on Mac are likely to see bigger prices than those who use PC for shopping.

    Apple products cost more and because of that, algorithms will determine you have more money to spend.

  • Shop incognito

    Online shops tend to offer discounts to new customers. You can trick them into thinking this is your first time visiting their online shop, while repeat visitors could see higher prices.

    Using a designated browser just for shopping is one of them. If Chrome is your default browser simply use Firefox for shopping.

    Always clear browsing history and cookies, since shopping patterns and favorite items are stored in cookies.

    Use your browser to look around and find the best deal, when you know what you wish to buy, use the incognito mode in your default browser.

  • Free shipping isn’t actually free

    Don’t buy something just because there is free shipping included. Chances are you could still find a better deal on the same item without free shipping elsewhere.

    Online stores usually put free shipping since it is quite appealing to customers and will prompt them to buy an item. But what most people don’t know is that shops simply add shipping costs to the item price.

    Don’t buy on impulse and check for better deals.

  • Get coupons

    Before paying for your shopping cart, check for any coupons that might get you a discount. Some coupons or promotional codes will decrease the price, while some will get you free shipping.

    There are websites dedicated to finding online coupons, simply type the name of the store and the website will shop for any available discounts for that particular store.

    There are also browser extensions that will find and automatically use coupons when paying in the end.

    Always remember to find coupons to help you get the best shopping deals online.

  • Track prices the smart way

    If you are not in a hurry to buy something, it is best to wait and track the price of that item.

    There are websites and browser extensions for this as well. You can even download apps on your smartphone to track the prices of your favorite items.

    These trackers can even show previous prices, this will show you pattern change and help you determine the right time to buy something.

    InvisibleHand is one of the tools to help you in finding the best deals. It can compare prices in different stores and save you some browsing time.

    PriceBlink for example can compare prices while also finding a coupon that you might be able to use.

Online shopping is more convenient than waiting in a long checkout line. But online stores also employ strategies that will inflate the price and try to get more money from customers.

Use these helpful tips and get the best possible deal while shopping online.

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