How To Save Money After Buying a Green Home

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It is said that a green home costs you more money than a normal dwelling. The rates vary widely depending on a number of factors. Today with all the environment related issues on the rise, what people are focussing on is green. They want to have a green home which exudes sense of sophistication.

However, it can be clearly said that most people often opt for green homes because of the trend. In any case, funding for these projects is extremely important.

When it comes to buying a green home, you may have to pay through your nose. It may also get expensive when you wish to renovate your home. Renovation is something that you cannot ignore and from time to time you need to ensure that all the features that make a green home are in working condition as well.

Points to be considered:

  • Usually, when you decide to buy a green home, the first question that you should be able to have an answer to is, “Why do I need to buy a Green Home?” the answer to this question is extremely crucial and will often fall within 3 categories.

    Sometimes, there is a high possibility for these reasons to clash with each other and overlap. The first and the most common reason is to save enormous amounts of money on energy. They believe in buying a green home to save unwarranted costs on energy. This will lead them to buy appliances that are energy efficient.

  • They will also focus on getting weatherproof doors and windows and exceptional insulation. The other set of green home buyers opt for this type of housing to simply use materials that are non toxic and environment friendly and the last set of people wish to have a sustainable future thus making them opt for green homes.

  • When buying green homes, you will realize that there are several aspects of this home which are different from a usual one. It is, therefore, advisable that you opt for a real estate agent who has special knowledge about green homes. These agents usually have a green certification.

    However, the credentials do not matter. Most of the times an agent without any certification is able to provide far more informative details than an agent with the required credentials. In such situations, it is best if you opt for a well known agent instead.

  • One of the best ways to save money once you have bought your dream home in Kalyan for example, is by planting your own vegetable patch. Doing this one simple thing can save a ton of money.

    You can have your green home and save thousands by planting vegetables and fruits like potatoes, salad greens, tomatoes and even fruits like strawberries.

    If you feel that you have spent a huge chunk of your money on your dream green home, you could compensate this by buying a fuel efficient car. These cars give great performance and also save a ton of money.

  • You may not realize it, but buying cleaning products from the supermarket not only contains harmful chemicals that damage the environment, they also increase the expenses.

    You can considerably reduce these costs and compensate for the expensive green home by using natural ingredients that can be found in the kitchen pantry for cleaning the home. These include vinegar, baking soda, lemons. These are natural without any hazardous chemicals.

    If you have any kind of old electronics, it is best to recycle them to save money. You can earn a decent amount by simply recycling old junk instead of just making it part of the landfill.

If you bought you dream green home, you should check out, as they have many great articles: from tips for beginners to advance gardeners, from veggies, fruits to flowers, trees. This is not just budget friendly but also relaxing activity too.

Author’s bio:

Laura is a real estate agent and she has had several clients opting for a green home in Kalyan and other parts of the state. She believes that turning a normal home into an eco friendly abode is not difficult; financing for the same is. However, she strongly believes that there are ways to curb the costs by doing some easy eco friendly activities in day to day life.

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