Investment Tips: Have You Considered Diamonds?

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In today’s modern, fast-changing global market there is a plethora of options for everyone when it comes to investing.

The stock market, being the most obvious, real estate, cryptocurrencies and many more. It all depends on what we are most comfortable investing in, and there are many factors to consider.

The two most important ones are Return on Investment (ROI) and the risk that is involved. Now, when it comes to the aforementioned options, lately there have been major fluctuations in the global market.

The global financial crisis of 2008 has left the economy severely damaged, along with people’s investments. Stock markets have crashed, real estate bubbles have burst, and let’s not even start on cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

These investment methods through history were profitable and relatively low risk. But that quickly changed over a small period of time and has caused many people to lose their hard-earned capital. Not all is dark and rainy, though.

There is one method we haven’t mentioned that has kept its value practically intact through history. Gemstones and diamonds seem to be impervious to inflation, and sudden market oscillations.

Let’s go over the main points of why diamonds are one of the best ways to preserve your value and invest into the future.

  1. Low maintenance, robust market value

    Unlike other forms of investment such as real estate, diamonds require minimal, or no maintenance what so ever. They are considered to be amongst the physically toughest materials found on Earth.

    Gemstones are portable and do not lose value when being used. On the contrary, to more they are displayed, the more they seem to accumulate it. They are meant to be worn or presented regularly in some other fashion.

    One more thing that people value is anonymity. They require no registration or tracking and you are free from any taxation to have as much as you would like.

  2. Early adoption bonus

    The price of diamonds per carat has been on a steady rise for quite a while now. And this trend is only going to continue in the future. This rise has survived stock market crashes, global financial crisis, shifting oil prices, and many more ordeals.

    There is a reason why the famous phrase “A diamond is forever” is not a hollow one. This has a deeper, more practical implications for us.

    Since the prices are rising, the sooner we invest the sooner will our own diamonds increase in value. That means with the current trends if we buy an X worth in gemstones, in five years’ time they will increase around 20% in value. Now that is a rare ROI to risk ratio, that you are highly unlikely to get in any other market. So, if you are thinking diamonds, do not think too long.

  3. Safety and professionalism

    Buying diamonds can get complicated. Usually, what is being mentioned are the four Cs, carat, color, clarity, and cut. All of these variables synergistically play a vital role in a piece’s value. It is a science on to itself and can seem frightening to someone new in the business.

    Thankfully, there are specialized businesses that deal with brokering services in this market. The Australian Diamond Portfolio, amongst others, is a vast and comprehensive one. These organizations will work closely with you to bring you the best value for your investment. Still, it doesn’t hurt to be in the loop, just so you know what you are investing in.

  4. A secure fallback

    When the ruling class was cast out of Russia by the Bolsheviks, they needed a way to transfer their capital. Diamonds seemed like the best option as they carried the largest value, per piece. So naturally, they would bring all that they could in search of a safer environment.

    Much in the same way, world war II refugees would take all their precious gemstones with them, if they had them. Now, these are quite serious and radical examples, but it serves our point here. We are not expecting anything so dark and apocalyptic anytime soon.

    The point is that diamonds can also serve as a safety net. If worst comes to pass for us personally, or for our business, we can liquidate these assets. Ultimately, this is one of the purposes for such an investment, to catch us in hard times.

    We can easily re-invest if we want to, as long as there was something to hold us above water in trying times. In cases of great crisis, such as war, currencies devalue, real estate’s lose value, stock markets crash, etc. But it has been proven through history, that precious stones always, not only retain but also add value with time.

Finally, diamonds have a very large sentimental and emotional value. They are meant to be worn, shown off and displayed. Inherently, there is nothing wrong it that, except for one thing.

Aside from aesthetics, if what you seek in a diamond is also an investment, do not let emotions get the best of you. Be sure to not let your expectations run away from you. A mind grounded in reality can ensure that you will combine the beautiful with beneficial.

With an unprecedented ROI to risk ratio, along with the robustness of their market value, diamonds are the perfect investment. As natural minerals, they are finite. Combine that with the fact that, like all things in life, their value is determined by supply and demand.

Now we have the perfect scenario for a sure, risk-free upward trend in prices. If you want a very secure investment that can be easily converted at any time, look no further than diamonds.

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