Is My Illness or Injury Covered Under Workers’ Compensation?

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Workers’ Compensation is a job benefit that you never want to need. It is reassuring, however, to know that if you are hurt on the job there is help available.

Workers’ compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that provides benefits to any employee who is injured at work or suffers a work-related illness.

Benefits include payment of medical bills and lost wages incurred.

Employers are required to participate but are generally happy to do so because an employee receiving benefits cannot file an additional claim against them related to the injury or illness.

It is not necessary to prove your employer was at fault for your injury or illness in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

The best way to do this is to consult with a workers compensation attorney.

There are, however, a few conditions that must be present. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Is My Illness or Injury Covered Under Workers’ Compensation

  • Is My Illness or Injury Covered By Workers’ Compensation?

    The major element that must be satisfied to receive workers’ compensation insurance is that your injury has to be job-related.

    Accidents on the job are the most straightforward to understand.

    For example, if you are loading a shipment in a warehouse and are hit by a falling box, you are clearly covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

    Tripping and falling in the hall, straining a back lifting files and getting hurt making a delivery are all circumstances that are eligible for workers’ compensation insurance.

    If you develop an illness due to unhealthy conditions, such as exposure to toxins or poisons, you can also file a claim for workers’ compensation.

    Your injury or illness may develop over the course of time, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or lower back pain.

    These chronic conditions are called cumulative trauma disorder and are covered injuries under the insurance program.

    Even mental illness, such as PTSD, if caused by a work-related episode, is eligible.

  • Does My Injury Have to Happen at Work?

    In order to receive benefits, the injury must occur while you are doing work for your employer.

    If you are on a lunch break, trip on the street, and break your leg, you are not covered.

    However, if you break your leg while on an errand to deliver documents to a client, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

    Where you are when the injury occurs is not an issue.

    For instance, if you choke on a nut while attending a business lunch or pinch a nerve at your computer while telecommuting, you are covered.

    The prime determining factor is not where you were when the accident occurred, but why you were there.

    If you were performing a job for your employer, you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation.

    It can be overwhelming for you when you suffer an injury or illness while at work.

    You not only have physical symptoms and difficulties caused by your injury, but there is the additional financial burden resulting from your injury.

    The workers’ compensation insurance program can help alleviate your concerns and get you on the road to recovery.

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