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Technology has become an integral part of our lives as we accepted it with open hands and applied it in each and every corner of our home.

Use of technology in your daily routine make your life easier, organized and saves time.

For example, a dishwasher gives you freedom from wasting time on cleaning dishes for hours and now you just have to put utensils in it. Everything is getting smarter day by day like a smartwatch, smart vehicles, smartphones so why not smart homes.

Does the title excite you? So let’s have a glance at some innovative bathroom techniques that can make your bath space more organized and soothing. You feel fresh after taking bath and according to a survey 90%of the successful people kick-start their day with bathing and exercising.

It is a place where you cleanse, detoxify, and revive you so what’s wrong in designing it with all luxuries. It is not wrong if we term these bathrooms “smart bathroom”.

Here is a list of some innovative bathroom technologies:

  • Digital Shower

    Digital showers are trending on the list of innovative bathroom technologies.

    These showers mix hot and cold water inside the valve so that you can have perfect water without hassles of mixing it outside and they come in stylish and sleek designs.

    Another important point to consider is that they are having inbuilt temperature control system. It means you can set the required temperature according to your need.

    In these showers, once the ideal temperature is reached the temperature control unit can be put off and then you can start enjoying your bathing. This ensures safety from shocks.

    This is a luxury that every household must have.

  • Radiant Floor Heating And Cooling

    Radiant Floor Heating is an underground system to maintain the temperature inside the house or bathroom. It works on the principle of radiation and convection and that is why the term “radiant heating” and ”radiant cooling” are quoted.

    This can be achieved using either hydronic system or electric system. The hydronic system works on the flow of hot or cool water inside a PEX pipe fitted underground. This method is widely used as it is cost effective.

    And the electric system works on the principle of generating heat through resisters. Hence the electric method is more costly as it consumes a lot of power.

    With these two innovative bathroom technologies, you can enjoy a cool and pleasant bathroom with summers and hot cozy bath space in winters.

  • Touch-Less Faucets

    These faucets have built-in proximity sensor in them, they get on when sensing any object below them and automatically gets off. One more plus point of these faucets is they are really hygienic in public washrooms where multiple people move in and out. So they help in saving water and maintaining hygiene.

  • Water Conserving Sinks

    Conservation of our non-renewable resources is very important for our future generation. These water conserving sinks. These sinks help in maintaining the flow of water moving from the tap as it leads to wastage of water. These water conserving sinks have had a shower head instead of the faucet. A shower uses lesser water than tap and hence around 60% of water is conserved.

  • Sleek Shower Proof Speakers

    Music is therapeutic in nature. With these waterproof speakers, you don’t have to indulge in regular boring bath routine.

    These speakers will make your day if you are a music lover. All of us have some friends who are tagged as “bathroom singers” this gadget is a perfect complement to them.

    Music allows you to distress and cleanses your tensions. Imagine you are sitting in a Hot water bathtub with some aromatic candles around you and a soothing soft music after a tiresome routine.

    You can also create your bath playlist with some rocking high pitched music to wake up and get ready as it will energize you.

This is just some of the latest bathroom renovations and if you got at least one great idea for your next bathroom renovation we did it. But no matter how much technology you have in your bathroom you will still have to stand up and get into a shower.

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